Are Facebook Ads Worth it? Here’s all You Need to Know

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. It’s the social media market leader, with 92% of social marketers using Facebook for advertising. So, are Facebook ads worth it? You bet they are!

Facebook lets you create a Facebook business page for free to reach your accessible customers. In this blog, we will tell you all you need to know about Facebook ads and the answer to ‘are Facebook ads worth it?’ question. We’ll also tell you how you can create your perfect ad type by the end of this blog.

Are Facebook Ads Worth it? YES!

It’s an enthusiastic yes! It is worth it. Facebook marketing brings a visible difference in building brand image, leads, website traffic, sales, and flourishing the business. 

Facebook ad campaigns take time to generate and yield desired results. The outcome also depends on how well your strategy is executed and switching to different formats. Regardless of the increase in competition, Facebook still serves to grab the attention of the masses. 

So, are Facebook ads worth it? Read the facts below.

Powerful Targeting

Facebook offers powerful targeting options. 

There are three basic categories.

  • Core audiences: That includes demographics, i-e, age, gender, education
  • Custom audiences: People who showed engagements on and off-screen.
  • Lookalike audiences: People who have a similar interest in our business but have not engaged before.

Same Interest Audience

Facebook can track your fans, or people with similar interests, or behave similarly online. Such targeting options also help find people who come to the page or website but do not make any purchase. 

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Facebook has data for all the activities, and Facebook can track page analytics, video analytics, ad analytics, group and audience insights, Facebook Live streaming analytics.

Directly helps monitor the performance of the business page with consumers.

Instagram User Base

Now we get two platforms to advertise at a time: Facebook and Instagram. By linking Instagram accounts with Facebook, we can select Instagram as our platform in the ads manager section. 

We all know Instagram has tons of users, making it more attractive for target buyers and clients with less monetary constraints. 

If you are convinced and want to try Facebook advertising, scroll to the next section. 

How to Create Facebook Ads?

Understanding how you can create Facebook ads helps you practice all you’ve learned from: are Facebook ads worth it? So let’s have a peek at how Facebook ads work. There are a few steps below to create Facebook ads.

Start by clicking on Facebook ads manager, followed by your objective for the ad; you have to specify your goal for your ad campaign.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Product or Service Marketing for Consumer Attention.
  • Conversion

After setting your objective, you have to describe your target audience, geographical location, demographics, lookalike audiences and set your budget for your ad campaign.

With all these easy steps now, You’re all good to run an ad campaign yourself. If you need help with choosing the ad type, scroll down to the next section. 

We are hoping you know everything about Facebook ads. When are you trying Facebook advertising?

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