IMAX Vs RPX: Which Is The Best For You? (Comprehensive Review)

IMAX and RPX are two different forms of theatres that use different technologies to offer a unique experience to the users. Each of these formats is considered for types of movies based on the audience experience they offer. 

To cut it short, Here is the shortest answer:

IMAX is a better option than RPX theatre to watch a 3D movie due to its taller screen size, superior 3D experience, and better sound system. IMAX is also $5 cheaper than RPX.

You need to get a little bit of knowledge of IMAX and RPX cinema theatres if you want to make your movie experience unforgettable.

This article will provide you with a clear comparison between RPX vs. IMAX and guide you to select the best for your day out. 

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IMAX vs RPX: Brief Overview

IMAX is a theatre technology that stands for “image maximum”. Imax is typical for its 3D Digital dual laser projectors

format, huge screen display, and offers s it movie experience as it uses 

  • Advance technology 
  • Perfect sound system
  • Larger cameras
  • Digital dual laser projectors 

The RPX cinemas are a unique concept of movie theatres in India. It is a multiplex cinema that plays dubbed or subtitled versions of Hollywood movies for the first three weeks after the original version’s release.

RPX is also a theatre technology, but it is far beyond IMAX. RPX stands for Regal premium experience. Regal cinema has recently launched this huge screen with more improved features, including a giant screen and an excellent sound system. 

Besides the features it offers to the people enjoying, RPX offers a unique feel that people experience being in the cinema. 

Technical Comparison Between IMAX & RPX

RPX or RealD 3D is a popular version of cinemas that display 3D movies; IMAX is another one. If you want to explore more about IMAX and RPX, keep following.

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Insights Of IMAX Cinema theaters

IMAX (IMAX Corporation) is a Canadian company that operates in the motion picture technology business. The company’s competitive position in the motion picture technology business is due to its differentiating and proprietary technologies, such as its high-resolution projection system.

Upon its launch in the 1960s, IMAX was a hit back then as the technology hadn’t experienced such features before.


IMAX is a motion picture film format and a projection standard, which creates an image that is larger than life. It uses a frame that is 15 perforations high, and a surround sound system usually accompanies the images.

IMAX uses special sound technology that creates a mesmerizing experience for users. Since its launch in the late 1960s, IMAX has become one of the most widely used formats for special-venue film presentations like theme parks and museums and for certain action sequences in major feature films.

Benefits Of IMAX theater

In addition, IMAX Corporation is also engaged in the operation of multiplex theatre systems in North America and internationally. IMAX has more than 280 theatres in North America and internationally in operation with over 1,200 screens. It has already expanded into China, which was previously difficult for foreign film theatres to enter. 

Moreover, IMAX theatres are widely spreading across the globe. There are more than 1800 IMAX theatres in more than 80 countries worldwide. IMAX theatres are developing into a place of completely new experience over time.

Besides its use in multiplex theatres, IMAX is also used in the most prestigious educational institutes worldwide. 

Insight of RPX theater

RPX is a modern theatre format that is started in San Francisco. It has the largest screen size of all the IMAX theatres in the United States. RPX theatres have huge screens to accommodate huge crowds. The largest RPX screen is measured up to 98 feet in size. 

Other than that, RPX theatres are also famous for their eye-popping 2D and 3D screening with uncompressed sounds and bright graphics.

4DX Cinemas Next Generation - Motion Seats, Wind, Fog, Lighting, Bubbles, Water & Scents

Benefits of RPX theater

RPX theatres are famous for their huge screens and comfy environment. With multiple utilities easily available, RPX theatres are perfect for families to enjoy. 

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Moreover, the RPX cinemas are famous for their popcorn and other fast food dishes, which are reasonably priced. The prices of the tickets are higher than normal theatres, but they offer several promotions to lure customers.

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IMAX and RPX theatres are considered to be rivals. In this section, we will compare both of them on some basic parameters like,

  • The comfortable level of the audience
  • Technology
  • Visual display
  • Sound system
  • Movie experience
  • Cost 

The comfort level of audience IMAX vs RPX:

IMAX theatres have comfortable seats for the audience. The theatre has a precise distance from the screen to provide a better visual experience without putting your neck in pain.

The seats are designed to provide an inclined view of the screen from every seat to bring a comfortable experience. 

On the other hand, the RPX theatres have leather seats with comfortable heads and armrests.

The seats provide a comfortable and relaxing gesture to your body. The seats are arranged to bring the best view from every seat. You can enjoy the show without hurting your neck.

Technology IMAX vs RPX:

IMAX and RPX both use advanced technology. IMAX was first launched in the 1960s, while RPX was launched in 2010. RPX is a newer technology as compared to IMAX. 

IMAX uses curved screens with a 2K laser projection. The picture quality is amazing with detailed colors.

On the other hand, RPX uses a flat screen with a digital display. The screen size of RPX theatres is bigger than IMAX theatres. 

Visual display IMAX vs RPX:

IMAX theatre has a screen around 70 to 100 feet tall and around 53 feet in width. On the other hand, RPX has around 40 feet tall and 60 feet wide screen size. RPX theatres have wider screens that have their own unique experience. 

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Sound system IMAX vs RPX:

IMAX uses 12 channel sound system. The sound system is designed to bring real-life experience to the movie. On the other hand, RPX uses a 7.1-channel sound system and low-frequency transducers in every seat to bring movies to life.  

Movie experience IMAX vs RPX:

IMAX cinemas offer 3D movies with an immersive effect that brings movies to life. On the other hand, RPX offers 3D movie effects to the audience. RPX theatres bring a realistic feel to the movies with their 3D effects.

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Cost IMAX vs RPX:

IMAX theatres are more expensive than standard cinemas. It cost around 5$ more than traditional cinemas. On the other hand, RPX theatres are more costly than IMAX cinemas. They cost about 5$ more than IMAX cinemas.

IMAX vs RPX in one glance

Here is a comparison table on IMAX Vs RPX.

Comparison Characteristics                           IMAX Vs                                        RPX

The comfort level of the audience
IMAX has better seats than standard theatres but the comfort level is less than RPXRPX offers highly comfortable and leathery seats 
Technology~ Curved screens
~ 2K laser projection
~ Flat-screen
~ Digital projection
~ The wider screen then IMAX
Visual display~ 70 – 100 feet tall screen
~ 53 feet widescreen
~ 40 feet tall screen
~ 60 feet widescreen
Sound systemThe sound system is based on 12 channelsThe sound system is based on 7.1 channels and low-frequency transducers installed in each seat.
Movie experience3D movie plus immersive effect (viewer feel as part of the movie)3D movie effect 
CostIt costs $5 more than traditional screensIt costs $5 more than IMAX

Which is better RPX Or IMAX?

RPX and IMAX, both types of theatres, are best for the movie experience, but there are some specifications regarding your movie’s choice.

RPX cinema theatres are preferable for all types of movies, including 2D, 3D, animation, etc. You can choose between 2d and 3D formats. The brand of RPX claims to provide an enhanced movie experience.

IMAX theatres offer the best experience of 3D movies, and it is the most preferable for watching documentaries about nature, wildlife, and oceans.

But it is not suitable for romantic and story-oriented movies because the audience wants to focus more on dialogues instead of scenarios and panorama in such movies.

How to choose between IMAX and RPX?

Nowadays, the issue of choice is not just a problem that concerns shopping. Now the choice of cinemas is one of the most important for each person interested in seeing a movie.

It has always been challenging to choose between IMAX and RPX because both of them are very popular theatres where you can see the most exciting movies. The popularity of these two types of theatres allows people to choose a favorite between them.

If you want to make a good choice, you should consider some parameters because they will help you find out which cinema will satisfy your needs. Such parameters as

  • Your taste in movies
  • Your company 
  • Your desired comfort level
  • Movie Format 

Summing Up

The choice of the movie theatre and movie format highly depends on individual preference, and it varies from person to person. Over the last few years, the 3D formats have become much more dominant over 2D, but other film formats are still in use. 

The immersive 3D experience of IMAX is undeniable, but RPX is more comfortable due to its giant screens and environment. 

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