US Cellular Error Code 408: How To Fix The Network Error When Calling

The US Cellular Corporation provides its network services in over 21 states. However, recently many of its customers have lodged complaints, protesting over error code 408 which out of nowhere pops up onto their screen, rendering their phones useless.

Error 408 can mostly be solved by a mere restart of the mobile device or by rescanning network operators from the phone settings and choosing US Cellular.

However, some cases require different solutions like updating phone software, the mobile service may be facing a blackout, or contacting customer care.

In this article, we’ll explain why error code 408 appears and how you can fix it. 

But before that, let us take a quick look at US Cellular itself so that we can better understand why and how error code 408 appears.

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The US Cellular Corporation

The United States Cellular Corporation is an American mobile network operator, based in Chicago. It was established in 1993 as a sub-division of Telephone and Data System Inc. and has now become the fourth-biggest mobile operative in the United States.

According to its quarterly reports US Cellular (2022), has been providing a high-quality network to its customers and has 4.8 million retail connections in 21 states.

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When they were starting up, US Cellular availed analog, and then, later on, Digital AMPS TDMA cellphones. With the continued advancement of technology, in 2003, they shifted to 1xRTT CDMA technology and then finally turned to EVDO, offering 3G speed in 2009.

What is Error Code 408?

Recently, the customers of US Cellular are facing a problem; Error Code 408 shows up on their devices, leaving them at loss. They are not able to dial up calls or access the internet through their mobile data. Customers have also lodged a complaint of receiving poor signals or at times no signals at all.

The error code 408 is one that is not recorded in the error list of US Cellular. Therefore, no information or knowledge about this error is accessible.

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Why does Error Code 408 show up?

There is reasoning that states error code 408 appears for a short period because of a poor server or you’re experiencing a temporary service interruption.

A lot of the time, the fault lies at the end of US Cellular, and in those cases, you can contact the corporation’s customer service and they will hopefully help you resolve the issue.

United States Cellular Corp. offers its network services in many states. It has been noted that error code 408 typically occurs in specific places or areas. Thus, we can say it is a geo-limited problem i.e. due to the geographical location, that might be caused by the local US Cellular tower, causing issues for customers.


How to fix Error Code 408?

Because of the fact, the error code 408 appears due to US Cellular network issues, there’s always the option of you fixing the issue through troubleshooting. This would be much better than calling support or waiting for it to fix itself.

You can always call US Cellular customer service and get them to help you if it doesn’t work. 

Following are some troubleshooting methods that will help you in resolving this problem and fixing the US Cellular error code 408. 

  • Restart your phone
  • Check your phone settings
  • Update your phone software
  • Look for mobile service blackout
  • Call Customer Service

1. Restart Your Phone

A lot of the time whenever there is an IT problem, it is recommended that you shut your device and power it on again. Surprisingly, more than half the time makes the problem go away.

When error code 408 shows up on your phone, the first thing you should do is restart your phone. Reportedly, most US Cellular customers were able to get rid of error code 408 through this simple maneuver. 

The reasoning as to why this works is because when you power your phone after shutting it off, it fixes temporary bugs causing you trouble. It also starts a fresh ledger. 

Kind of like how you feel better after a good night’s sleep or a nap.

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2. Check Your Phone Settings

The US Cellular network should be able to gain access to your mobile phone automatically. Although, sometimes what happens is that there could be a small hiccup in your phone’s software. The phone cannot find the network and there is no connection between the network and your mobile phone, causing error code 408.

You should be able to fix this easily and in a few steps.

Step no. 1:

Open up the settings on your phone.

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Step no. 2:

 Locate ‘ mobile networks ’ and tap on it.

Step no. 3:

Inside mobile networks, you’ll find ‘ network operators ’. Click on it.

Step no. 4:

There, you’ll be able to scan for networks and will have to select US Cellular to connect to it.

Step no. 5:

Once all this is done, restart your phone.

The above steps will help you search and link to your network manually. And will, hopefully, make error code 408 go away from your phone.

3. Update Your Phone Software

Living in the age of such advanced technologies, it gets hard to keep up. New updates keep popping up.

Another reason why the error code 408 appears on your phone could be due to old software. Apart from the error code 408, older software can create many other issues for you. It is significant that you check and update the software on your phone from time to time.

If error code 408 keeps appearing, you should check your phone software and update it if required. The following steps can guide you.

Step no. 1:

Open up the settings on your phone.

Step no. 2:

Scroll down and locate ‘ software update ’.

Step no. 3:

If there are any updates showing, then tap on the ‘ update ’ option.

Step no. 4:

Your mobile phone will automatically update its software and restart. 

This should probably fix the error code 408 that keeps popping up on your mobile phone. If not, we have one more solution for you to look at before calling customer service.

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4. Look for Mobile Service Blackout

For the most part, error code 408 appears when there happens to be an interruption of service at US Cellular’s end. If all the above quick fixes do not yield any result, it most certainly would be a US Cellular network blackout.

You can check that by visiting Downdetector or Downhunter and see if there is a service breakdown or not. Apart from just checking the blackout, you can also pay a visit to the comments section to see if other people in your area are facing text, voice, or even broadband issues.

If you see that there, indeed, is an interruption of network service on US Cellular’s end, then there is nothing more you can do but wait. Their technician staff and other personnel will most probably be working to get it up and running as soon as possible.

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5. Call Customer Service

Well, now you’re at the point you have taken all possible routes which gave no result and now your only option is to contact US Cellular contact service. 

You can call them at ‘888-944-9400’ or you can reach them online, through Facebook or Twitter. 

Hopefully, they will have the answer to your problems and will fix error code 408 right away.

Summing Up

The actual reasoning behind what causes error code 408 is still unknown. It might be because of geographical locations or power outages or could even be because of your own mobile phones.
Nevertheless, we have given you several tips and tricks which you can apply and help get rid of error code 408.

Remember, when faced with any IT issues or problems with your mobile phone, restarting should be your go-to. If that does not fix your problem, then update your software. 

And finally, if this all does not work, call professionals and place your trust in them to help lay your troubles to rest.

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