How To Fix Error Code 0x0 [Solved With Pictures]

Error Code 0x0 is a fairly common error encountered by Windows users. This error can cause hindrance in normal Windows operations, slow or bug your computer, or disable you to perform certain tasks or run certain programs.

Unfortunately, there is no single universal solution to the error. Because the error 0x0 is a general error caused by various reasons, each computer can have a different fix to it.

However, fortunately, the error can be easily fixed. I have compiled all, and only, the working solutions to the error 0x0!

If you’re not a computer geek and feel scared to interfere with your PC and system settings for fixes, don’t worry. I’ll explain the process of each fix in-depth with complete steps. As long as you follow them accurately, there will be nothing to worry about!

Whatever PC or laptop you’re running, I would recommend you to follow the chronological order of fixes mentioned here and check them individually if they fix the problem.

If you’re ready to get started, scroll directly below to the solutions, however, I’d recommend you to learn the necessary details about the error first.

Let’s go ahead and fix up your PC then!

What Is Error Code 0x0?

Error Code 0x0 is basically a runtime error that provides the indication that there is a malfunction in the normal Windows processing which is causing instability in Windows operations.

Whenever you encounter error code 0x0, the pop-up may also provide additional details indicating the cause of this error.

In literal terms, the error code 0x is the binary form for the number 16 in the decimal language. This means that 4 bytes of data are separated between numbers and alphabets.

These binary codes are meant for computer manufacturers or technicians to understand and fix the problem causing it.

What Causes Error Code 0x0?

There are various reasons your operating system may be showing the error code 0x0. This is why there are different fixes to the problem as well.

The most common cause for 0x0 is a disturbance in the system files.

Other reasons include:

  • Incorrect installation or uninstallation of third-party software
  • Abrupt shutdown of PC
  • Malware or virus attacks
  • Incorrect system settings
  • Hindrance in Windows registry

How Does Error Code 0x0 Affect Your PC?

The effects of Error Code 0x0 range from critical to minor disturbance.

These effects include:

  • Programs not working properly
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • System operations not working properly
  • Programs not launching
  • Windows not booting

10 Working Ways To Fix Error Code 0x0

Now that you know enough about the error, let’s fix your PC up!

Note: The recommended way to fix the Windows error 0x0 0x0 code is to get in touch with an authorized Windows technician or your system manufacturer.

However, the below methods are known to work most of the time. Plus, if you follow the steps correctly, even if you’re not a tech geek, your PC will remain safe through all the methods.

I’ll order these methods based on how complex they are. 

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In the table below, I have mentioned the difficulty level, estimated time, and probability to fix for each method.

Updating AntivirusLow10 minutes max.Low
PC Repair ToolLow10-20 minutesMedium
Disk CleanupLow5-8 minutesMedium
Installing Windows UpdatesLow10-20 minutesMedium
Running SFC Scan NowLow10-15 minutesHigh
Reinstalling GPU DriverMedium5 minutesMedium
Booting In Safe ModeMedium5 minutesLow
Eliminating Tasks From Task ManagerMedium5-10 minutesHigh
System Recovery Medium10-15 minutesCertain
Windows ResetHigh20-30 minutesCertain

#1 Updating Your Antivirus

You should have an antivirus installed on your PC. If you don’t, you shouldn’t wait any longer and download or purchase an antivirus for your system right now.

If the cause of the error code 0x0 was a virus, an antivirus program should be able to identify it and fix it for you.

But before you run Scan in an antivirus, check the antivirus for updates first. 

 Fix Error Code 0x0

New viruses are formed every day, to counter which new registries are updated in antivirus applications every day. If your antivirus is outdated, it may not be able to detect the virus and fix the error 0x0 for you.

If you don’t have an anti-virus installed, here are a few good recommendations:

These antiviruses have premium versions available as well. A premium version provides a stronger line of defense to your PC and can fix errors more efficiently, including error 0x0, than the standard version. 

Here is the pricing for the premium versions of the antiviruses mentioned above.

AntivirusPricing (Premium Basic)

#2 Scanning PC Files Using A PC Repair Tool

Another third-party application that can help your PC get back to its optimum efficiency is a PC repair tool.

Basically, these tools scan the files present on your system (including system files), and if there is any disturbance in them, the application will fix it for you.

Here are some of the most popular PC Repair Tools:

  1. Run Scan PC
 Fix Error Code 0x0 with antivirus
  1. If there are options for scanning, go with the recommended option unless you know what you’re doing,
  2. When the PC is scanned, click the Fix/Resolve All Issues button.
  3. Restart your PC.

#3 Running Disk Clean Up

Disk Clean-Up is an efficient pre-installed Windows utility tool that scans the files saved on your system drive and checks them for errors while cleaning out the useless ones.

Even if this method doesn’t fix your PC, it will for sure clear up space from your disk ultimately helping your PC run faster.

The faster method to execute disk clean-up is pressing Windows + R, typing in cleanmgr, and clicking Ok. The elaborate method is mentioned below.

To execute disk clean-up, double click on This PC.

You should see the drives your PC has by the names Disk C, Disk D, Disk E, etc.

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Right-click on the Disk C and Click on Properties.

 Fix Error Code 0x0 with disk clean up

In the General tab, click on Disk Clean Up.

 Fix Error Code 0x0 with disk clean up

This should open the Disk Clean Up window which will scan your files.

 Fix Error Code 0x0

After a while, the Disk Cleanup window will find the junk it fetched from the drive.

Check all the boxes and click on Clean Up System Files.

 Fix Error Code 0x0 with c files cleanup

This will force another scan.

Now once again check on all the boxes shown and press OK.

disk cleanup windows errors

Wait for the deletion to complete and then restart your PC.

Note: This method will work on Windows 10, 8, and 7.

#4 Installing Windows Updates

Windows Update is another popular solution to fixing not only error code 0x0 but other system operating system-related errors as well.

To install windows updates, go to Settings and click on Update & Security.

 Fix Error Code 0x0 by installing windows update

In the Windows Update, click on the option Check For Updates.

 Fix Error Code 0x0 with updates

Your computer needs to be connected to the internet to check for updates.

If there are updates available, check all of them and click Install.

11 1 1

This will download the necessary Windows Updates and will require your to restart your PC to install.

windows update error 0x0

Note: This method will work on Windows 10, 8, and 7.

#5 Running SFC Scan Now

SFC Scan Now is a command prompt command that scans your system files and repairs any corruption in them.

To run SFC scan now, click Start and search cmd or Command Prompt.

 Fix Error Code 0x0

Right-click Command Prompt and click on Run As Administrator.

 Fix Error Code 0x0

When the UAC pop-up comes up, press Yes.

A command prompt window should be open now. This will show a black screen with a little cursor indicating you to type.

Now copy the command below and paste it into the command prompt by right-clicking and selecting paste.

sfc /scannow

sfc scannow Fix Error Code 0x0 with command prompt

Let the Command Prompt scan files. This will take some time.

 Fix Error Code 0x0

Once it’s done, restart your PC.

Note: This method will work on Windows 10, 8, and 7.

#6 Reinstalling Graphic Card Drivers

Corrupted or outdated graphic card drivers can also hinder the operating system performance and are a lead cause for Error 0x0 0x0.

To reinstall graphic card drivers, press Windows + R, type in devmgmt.msc, and click Run.

Alternatively, click on Start and search for Device Manager. Then left-click on it.

 Fix Error Code 0x0

In the device manager window, you will see a list of categories of drivers. Double click on the Display Adapters option.

This will expand the category and show your graphic card driver.

Next, right-click on the graphic card driver and press uninstall.

how to uninstall graphic driver

Once uninstalled, restart your PC.

Note: This method will work on Windows 10, 8, and 7.

#7 Booting your PC in Safe Mode

Safe mode is a useful environment to run your PC in to diagnose your PC for problems. Safe mode forces your operating system to run using only the necessary drivers, system files, and no third-party apps. 

If the error 0x0 does not occur in Safe Mode, that means a third-party application is causing the error. Else, it may be a system error that could only be solved by reinstalling Windows or the computer manufacturer.

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To boot your PC in safe mode, press Windows + R and type msconfig and click on Ok.

msconfig to  Fix Error Code 0x0

In the Boot tab, check the Safe Boot checkbox from the boot options below.

how to safe boot

Click on Apply, restart your PC and it will boot up in Safe mode.

Once you’re done with the diagnosis, repeat the steps above and uncheck the Safe Boot option to make your PC restart normally.

Note: This method will work on Windows 10, 8, and 7.

#8 Eliminating Running Tasks From Task Manager

Faulty programs are also a common cause for the error 0x0. 

If from the last step your PC did not show up error 0x0 in safe mode, it is very likely that this method will fix error 0x0.

To open up task manager, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard at the same time.

Now for each application running, right-click on it and click on End Task.

end task manager

After ending each task, perform the operation that brings up Error code 0x0 0x0 and see if closing any application fixes it.

If it does, uninstall the application that caused it.

Note: This method will work on Windows 10, 8, and 7, while the steps may be slightly different.

#9 System Recovery To The Last Restore Point

One of the best fixes to system errors is to restore your windows to the time when the error wasn’t causing any problems.

After every Windows update or major change to the operating system, Windows creates a restore point so you will likely have a restore point made for a time when you weren’t being affected by Error 0x0.

Open Start and search for Recovery.

 Fix Error Code 0x0 windows recovery

This will open System Recovery. From here, click on Choose A Different Restore Point

 Fix Error Code 0x0 backup recovery windows

Now check the box that reads Show More Restore Points.

This will show you the restore points you have with the date they were created on.

how to system restore

Press on the restore point that was created on a date when you didn’t face error 0x0.

Now press on scan for affected programs.

This will show you the apps that will be removed because they were installed after the restore point creation. No worries though, they can always be re-installed later.

Click Close and then Next.

Then press Finish and Restart Your PC.

Note: This method will work on Windows 10, 8, and 7, while the steps may be slightly different.

#10 Reinstalling Windows

If your problem is still not fixed, the only option you’re left with is reinstalling Windows.

This will erase everything in the Drive C of your PC so make sure you create a backup.

Go to Settings and click on Update & Recovery.


Now click Recovery.


Under the Reset This PC option, click on Get Started.

how to reset windows

Follow the basic instructions and your Windows will be reset.

Ways To Prevent Error Code 0x0

Once you do fix the error 0x0 after following the methods above, you should follow all the possible ways to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

These will include:

  • Getting a good antivirus program
  • Installing programs only from authorized sources
  • Transferring files only from and to authorized devices
  • Enabling automatic restore point creation option


And there you go! Error Code 0x0 may be extremely annoying to not only face but also fix since it has many methods to try. However, from all the methods mentioned above, at least one will definitely do the trick for you.

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