Alienware Aurora R8 2019: Why Is It Worth Buying in 2022?

Alienware Aurora R8

The Alienware Aurora R8 demonstrates that a gaming system can be both sleek and powerful. There’s a powerhouse within this gem of a gaming PC, boasting outstanding features including 9th-generation Intel CPUs and integrated Nvidia GPUs while maintaining its immediate predecessor’s subtle yet game-centric appearance. With an evolving powerful platform technology and self-contained liquid cooling, … Read more

8 Ways To Maintain The Right GPU Temperature For Gaming

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GPU temperature for gaming can be maintained using various techniques. Change of thermal paste and continuous cleaning of GPU exhaust are some of the most used ways to maintain GPU temperature. It is very important to keep the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) under temperature control for better performance of your computer.  If you are a … Read more

531+ Game Micro Niche Blog Ideas (Tried & Tested)

Game Micro Niche Blog Ideas

Blogging is about creating informative content for a particular audience. Micro Niche Game Blogs are considered to be a good startup if you are interested in blogging.  As a blogger myself I always believe in starting from small and micro niches to perfect my skills and get experience in blogging techniques. Micro Niche blogs are … Read more

15 Best Blockchain Games That You Must Play

blockchain games

The Blockchain technology is conquering the digital world by being a reliable and secure network for uploading data. This technology is currently being used mostly for NFTs and cryptocurrencies. However, all that fuss may not be your cup of tea. With all these advancements in technologies, maybe what you do need is some advanced games … Read more

17 Best VR Games To Play During Halloween

halloween vr games

Halloween is creeping up soon. Everyone knows what that means. Everything’s gonna have an edge of spookiness. Halloween is all about costume parties, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating. However, many of us don’t really like to indulge in social gatherings and socialize within loads of crowds. Many of us feel more comfortable sitting at home at … Read more

How To Order An Artisan Mousepad Through Their Website (With Pictures)

mousepad artisan

This blog is a step-by-step guide to ordering artisan mousepads using the official website. You can follow the picture-based guide to order an artisan mousepad. Artisan is one of the most renowned and famous gaming accessories brands when it comes to gaming mousepads. They excel at creating the most premium mousepads to be used by … Read more

How To Buy An Artisan Mousepad – Complete 2022 Guide

mousepad artisan

Artisan accessories have been in the gaming business for far too long. Currently, they’re known as one of the best brands for eSports gear.  And their best gaming product? Gaming mousepads. If you’re a gamer yourself, you will know the importance a mousepad holds to an enhanced gaming experience and capability. If you’re not, you … Read more