531+ Game Micro Niche Blog Ideas (Tried & Tested)

Blogging is about creating informative content for a particular audience. Micro Niche Game Blogs are considered to be a good startup if you are interested in blogging. 

As a blogger myself I always believe in starting from small and micro niches to perfect my skills and get experience in blogging techniques. Micro Niche blogs are good in traffic and when managed perfectly they can bring more revenue and audience to the website. 

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I have an Idea for You!! A Plan

This Blog post covers 531+ Game Micro niche blog ideas for you that have potential to scale up to a good earning.

I run multiple blogs that are monetized with a display ads network, this enables me to generate passive income for myself. I am on a journey to make a full-time income from my passive income blogs and that’s what I want to teach others too, so you can join me on the other end.

My Blog generated more than 242,214 pageviews in the last quarter (Jan-April 2022) and I followed the exact same format to achieve this traffic on my blog from scratch.

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Here is a snippet from my Ezoic earnings dashboard.

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Image Shows: Ezoic Display Ads Earnings

Here is the table of contents. This blog covers tons of useful information. Bookmark this page or save it, don’t get overwhelmed, go through each step, and you will surely succeed.

What Is A Micro Niche Blog?

In a general blog, you write about many topics that revolve around the same idea. In a micro niche blog, you are more focused on a specific topic that is a part of a broader topic we know as pillar content. 

This subtopic can be a category of a broader niche, for example; you talk about a particular aspect of gaming rather than all the possible subtopics under the main topic of gaming.

You might feel that it is too narrow and limiting but in reality, you have more chances to succeed by getting more reach and less competition with a microblog. It is easier to write an article that is on a micro-blog rather than one that is published as a broad niche blog.

with a micro niche blog, you have more topics to talk about as you break them down into many smaller topics on the same subject. And once you do that Google recognizes you as an expert.

Why Start A Micro Niche Blog?

It might be difficult to choose the best micro niche for blogging. You may even be scared that your hard work is being put in to make this successful and but it all might be worth it when you get good traffic from the search engines

If you write blogs based on a wider and more common niche then the chances of getting traffic are less because people prefer blogs that take them into the depths of a specific topic.

Bloggers that aspire to reach heights select those niches that are tough for any blog and are more competitive. You might be working days and nights to write a blog and put everything into it but it will not earn you what you expect and deserve since it is a generic blog and the searches don’t show it up

So if you wish to earn more and get ranked higher then you need to publish a high-quality micro niche with backlinks to support it. It is a smarter choice because micro niches rank higher and are preferable to traditional generic blogs.

Micro niches attract quality traffic and it is easier to monetize and earn better even when the traffic is low. With a micro niche, you can earn in a shorter period of time with smart working rather than hard work as compared to what you put in for a broad niche blog.

With the micro niche, it is easy to drink various keywords with the help of backlinks incorporated into your blog and proper keywords used.

Below are some more benefits of a micro niche:

  • Make an authority blog
  • Earn a huge amount of money
  • Extraordinary content
  • Easy to be ranked in Google ranking

How To Find Micro Niche Ideas?

You can use some specific tools and methods to search for micro niche blog ideas. below you can find some of the tools and methods to help you choose.

Use Google Autocomplete

This is a wonderful tool as it is the easiest way to get all your queries answered and to help you find a micro niche blog idea. You can use Google autosuggest. It is a feature of the Google search that makes things faster for you by completing searches that you start typing.

Screen Shot 2022 07 09 at 3.14.21 PM

Degenerate predictions that help people save time by allowing them to quickly search the desired keywords.

Get Queries Answered With Quora

This is an interesting site that looks like an off search engine and a part of the social network but the purpose of Quora is to give you answers and allow you to answer queries for each other in subjects that you have expertise in.

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Screen Shot 2022 10 03 at 10.28.53 PM

It helps you connect with thousands of readers for free and all you need to do is create a free account in Quora.

Screen Shot 2022 10 03 at 10.29.48 PM

Answer Peoples’ Queries

This is another smart method to generate a micro niche blog idea. It is a great tool for bloggers and marketers to see which topic is of essence to the readers

We can do that by simply answering people’s queries about specific topics. It becomes easier when you have a good grasp of that topic and you just have to write about it while also making a perfectly successful micro niche blog.

The next step is to know which microblog ideas are trending currently. This will help you bring lots of traffic and income at the same time you will end up with a perfect niche. You may also generate income with low traffic by making just a few improvements and conversions.

Once you start searching for a micro niche blog idea you will end up with millions of ideas that are available to work on and also many people have done a lot of work on many topics this makes it difficult for you to choose your micro niche blog

There are many topics to choose from but the following are some trending micro niche blog ideas that will help you earn fast.

  • Entertainment niche
  • 3D printing
  • Health niches
  • Gaming niches
  • Beauty niche
  • Marketing niche
  • Lifestyle niche
  • Food niche
  • Travel niche
  • Sports niche 

The Gaming Niche

This is a good choice of niche, but it tends to be very competitive. Here, the main focus will lie on creating YouTube videos where one can film themselves playing video games, or you can try reviewing the video games. This won’t need much investment, and you don’t need to spend a long time playing the games to write reviews.

female gamer winning in online video game 2021 08 26 16 33 56 utc 1

You can also hire gamers who love to play games and write about different games, or you can also try incorporating a business touch by writing about how you can earn by playing video games.

All in all, it is a trendy niche in the present-day scenario of technological time. It is also playful and potentially lucrative, making it popular among the masses.

Top 10 Best Game Micro Niche Blog Ideas [Explained]

woman gamer challenging video game in computer clu 2021 12 09 13 29 20 utc 1

1. A walkthrough of full gameplay/no commentary/blind run etc.

A walkthrough is how we do that is made to help other people finish the game by going through the difficult parts of the game easily. Walkthrough boosts your game and helps you to complete it 100%

For that, you need to

  • Make unique content that is plagiarism free
  • Be able to strongly deliver your niche 
  • Use proper keywords and tags

2. Talking about game theories

The game theory explains the outcomes of interactive decision-making for each participant. It also shows that the player depends on the actions taken in the game.

When playing a game you should be able to make choices as well.  They also talk about how people behave when payoffs are known.

3. Giving reviews about the game

If you are a gamer who wants to purchase a product I recommend it would be to take advantage of generating game content for the target audience for quality traffic.

This means that if you’re planning to purchase a game-related item you can publish it explaining where you bought it and what was the cost and give a full review to attract the audience to purchase it.

4. The loot box openings

In gaming, loot boxes are virtual items that range from customization options such as the player’s avatar or skins or different clothing options for your character.

A loot box can be typically seen as a way of monetization with players who either buy the boxes or receive the boxes. Loot boxes are a major attraction for many players so writing a micro niche blog loot box openings can be a wonderful idea.

5. Player versus Player

Some prominent examples of this category are pub G and Fortnite games. While playing these games you can attract many spectators in the player-versus-player niche.

You can write a blog If you feel confident while stepping into this category and write about your experiences. 

6. Montages

Montage is a technique and a result of selecting editing and putting things together in film clips that are arranged in a linear sequence.

While writing a micro niche blog about montages you can give a roadmap to clear the readers’ minds and let them decide the production type editing and sharing their montages.

7. The first impressions

You can write about the first 60 minutes of the game that make up the first impressions of the game.

This will help the gamers get a good insight into how they need to play just when they start their game. Your blog will give a head start to the player and it will also attract an audience that consists of amateur players or beginners.

8. Role Play

A role-playing game is a game category where the player mimics the role of a character in a play a game. It is especially important when playing a game that requires you to play in place of a character. And that too in a fantasy setting.

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The benefits of role-playing are that it improves spatial reasoning skills and it is helpful for those people who feel shy, awkward, or lonely. It increases acceptance of all kinds of people and their appearances.

While writing a micro niche blog on this topic, you can tell your readers about how they can improve their role as their specific character.

9. Game tutorials

This is one of the best gaming content ideas because there is low competition in this niche and you can advertise many items as well as game installation tutorials.

In such a type of a blog, you help the player install various games and assist them in setting up their gaming channels. We all need assistance when installing new software and This is why you will get quality traffic. 

10. Game in a Game

Another subtopic for your micro niche can be a game in a game that will give your readers an insight into how the game depends on the player as well as the other players.

Writing about the post office is especially important because people are unaware of this type of theory.

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  2. Personality Development
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  10. College Student Life
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  15. Cosmetics
  16. Productivity
  17. Minimalism
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  28. Watercolor
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  503. Mastering Canva
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  508. Detoxification Diet  (juice, lemonade)
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  510. Player Transfer
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  518. Divorce and separation
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  520. Frozen Food Sub-niches
  521. Upcycling Projects
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Summing Up:

Just choosing a game niche it’s not enough to make you successful as this is a competitive field and you need to specify by choosing a sub-niche.

You can try and stick to various sub-niches for a particular amount of time and target a particular audience. Be an expert and believe that you will be successful eventually. Success cannot come easily and fast so be patient and keep putting in your efforts.

Need a road Map?

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