Can You Write Off Web Hosting As A Tax Deductible?

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If you’re running an online business, you may be concerned about the non-traditional taxation policies that employ in your business. Since it’s a registered business, you’re automatically liable to pay taxes on the income you generate from it, but what about the tax deductibles? Running an online business isn’t free. There are many expenses that … Read more

How Long Does Google AdSense Take To Approve

How Long Does Google AdSense Take To Approve 1

Google AdSense is your one-stop solution for generating earnings from your website. In most cases, this will be a blog that you want to run ads on to create revenue from your website by monetizing your content. But Google AdSense isn’t the easiest thing to implement on your website. There are some requirements (not really … Read more

How To Start Content Writing Business And Earn Money In 7 Steps

content writing business

Content Writing is one of the most promising and rewarding skills you can work towards, that not only helps you work flexibly but is a hectic-free profession compared to other options. Being a content writer, you can create an outlet for yourself to earn substantial active income without requiring much unpaid training or hassles along … Read more

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

Blogs are an excellent way to communicate with your readers and connect with them. Your first blog post is a great way to introduce yourself and your brand to the rest of the world. However, coming up with a good idea that will engage your reader can take time, especially if you are still determining … Read more

How Do I Approve Google Adsense on my .xyz Domain

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As a matter of fact, for Google Adsense’s approval, the content that the site offers is more important than the domain extension. So rather than distressing about your .xyz domain, you need to work on producing strong, original content.  However, there is a good 80% chance that Google Adsense will approve your .xyz domain extension … Read more

How do I find my blog URL?

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A blog URL is the web address of a blog. It is typically made up of the blog’s name and the domain name, such as “” The blog URL is used to access the blog’s content. It is also used by search engines to index the blog’s content. You can find your blog URL when … Read more

How to Contact Google Adsense Directly Using Email? 

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Unfortunately, you cannot directly contact Google Adsense using email. You can use other ways to contact Adsense for any queries or support.  I am sure you wouldn’t have expected this from a platform like Google Adsense to not have an email address to directly contact on. It came as a mini shocker for me as … Read more

Blogging Vs. Vlogging: Which is the better option? 

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A blog is a website that publishes content regarding any topic in written/text format along with related images, videos, gifs, etc. On the contrary, a vlog is video content published on a topic. There are various differences between Blogging and Vlogging in formats, monetization styles, and content formats. Now the question is, comparing blogging and … Read more

Is Google Adsense Worth it?

Is Adsense worth it

Yes, Google Adsense is worth it just to make a start with monetizing your website but if you’re looking to earn serious money, you would have to partner with premium ad partners like Ezoic, AdThrive, Mediavines, and so on.  When I thought of monetizing my websites, Google Adsense was the first digital advertising program that … Read more