How To Buy And Sell Blogs Online That Are Profitable

Yes, You can buy and sell blogs online. There are a number of platforms that allow you to do this. You can also find a number of websites that act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers like Flippa, Empire Flipper, Motioninvest

Buying a blog is an easy way to get your hands on an existing blog to avoid the initial hassle. And if you want to sell your blog for money then it is also an easy task, but with the right knowledge. 

As a blogger myself I always wanted to expand my publications to various niches and content types but it has not been an easy journey. I had to test various subjects before I finally got to the one I love most and in that journey, I had to buy already established blogs and sell them too. 

It is not as difficult as you seem to be. Most people think it is a difficult thing to do because they don’t have the right knowledge like I didn’t have when I first got into buying a blog. 

The reason I have developed this guide is to explain every step and what are some of the benefits of buying and selling a blog and what to look for when you are doing so. 

Here is the table of contents. This blog covers tons of useful information. Bookmark this page or save it, don’t get overwhelmed, go through each step, and you will surely succeed.

Why Buy A Blog?

If you ask me, buying a blog is more advantageous than creating your own new blog. Following are some benefits of buying a blog that I have experienced.

1. Start Earning From The First Day

Starting a new blog and earning from the very first is impossible in all ways, But if you buy an already running blog you will surely start earning from the first day you have your hands on it. 

ezoic income screenshot

The reason is that buying a blog will provide you with already existing content, audience, and income. So there is no need to worry about your earnings from the first day.

2. Get An Already Existing Content

The running rate of blogs depends upon the quality of their content. The more content you have the more traffic it generates and the more it earns. 

Starting a new blog will require a good number and quality of content to upload in the starting and every content will take time to rate higher.

When you buy a blog you don’t need to worry about creating and uploading the content from the beginning.

There you get already existing and rated content. All you have to do is optimize the content and add some more to make it better. 

3. Keep An Already Existing Audience

Your blog will rate higher and make you earn more only when you have a good engaging audience. The sign of a successful blog is a good audience.

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If we compare creating a new blog or buying an already running blog which one is more profitable then surely the answer is buying an already existing blog. Because an already existing blog has an already existing audience.

So you don’t need to search and wait for an audience to get engaged with your content and rate your blog.

4. You will Get An Already Strong Unique Brand

Although there are many advantages to discuss the last here we are discussing is When you buy an already running blog you will get an already established brand authority. So you don’t need to build your own brand name.

What To Check Before Buying A Blog?

Not all blogs are worth buying. Following are some of the most important things that I used to check before I bid on a blog. 

1. Check The Content:

Content is the first thing you have to go through if you are buying a blog. Content can be fake, plagiarism, or created using spinning and AI technology that can be rejected by any search engine algorithm.

I personally use Copyscape first to make sure there is no obvious sign of copies then, I do my manual research too by reading the most popular traffic pages of the website and closely looking at sentence structures and ideas that are being shared.

Do not buy any blog before checking the quality and originality of the content. 

use copyscape to check content quality

If the content is plagiarized or fake you don’t need to take a severe risk. Because in this way your new blog will lose all of its value.

2. Check The History And Site Age:

Some blogs have a negative history and that is not good for the reputation of any blog. The second thing you have to check before buying any blog is to look into its history and the site’s age. 

  • Make sure that the domain doesn’t have 301 redirects coming from other domains.
  • Verify the Spam score of the domain and referring websites.
  • Check for PBN domains referring to the website (if any).
use ahrefs to check history of domain

If you find any negative history or a strange age of post don’t buy that blog at any cost because that blog will not be of any use to you.

3. Check The Running Rate of the Blog:

The already running blog is good to buy. The running page will help you earn more money than the slow-rate blog. And the rate of blogs is proportional to the number of engaged audiences. 

Screen Shot 2022 09 10 at 1.33.53 PM

If a blog has low traffic how can it help you earn more? So check the rate before buying any blog.

4. Check Website Quality

Website quality like refresh rate, graphics, snippets, and design plays an important role in making the audience stay on your blog. You have to make sure that the quality of your website is up to the mark. 

image 85

If you miss this checking then you have to spend a lot of time updating your website design and branding. 

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List Of Websites From Where You Can Buy Or Sell A Blog:

Below are some links that are easy to use while selling and buying a blog.

  • Motion Invest
  • Flippa
  • Empire Flippers
  • Afternic
  • SEDO

Among these the most used website is Flippa. People widely all around the globe use Flippa for buying and selling their blogs.

Just to share my own experience!

I have personally tried before for both selling and buying purposes. Although I didn’t sell my blog to motion invest I was really satisfied with their due diligence process so honestly, I do trust these guys on audit quality.

buy sell blog on motion invest

Why Flippa?

The reason why Flippa is the most used website by people for selling and buying their blogs is that it is easy to use and its additional options can make the work of its customers easy.

How To Buy A Blog On Flippa

There are some easy steps to follow to buy a blog on Flippa. By following these mentioned steps you can easily buy the blog of your choice.

buy sell blog on flippa

Step 01

Create your Flippa account.

sell blog on flippa

Step 02

Scroll down to look into the category you want to choose.

Step 03

Go through the details and select the option for viewing the list.

Flippa Listing categories

Step 04

Scroll down to check Semrush and Google analytics reports.

Step 05

Now you can contact the seller to take more details about the blog or if you want to ask for proof of the things you want to confirm or check.

Screen Shot 2022 09 26 at 9.39.22 PM

Step 06

If you are satisfied with the seller and blog details then make an offer by using Flippa’s Escrow services.

The above steps are easy to follow. You will find no difficulty while using Flippa because it can do all the work of your needs. 

Guide When You Are Buying From Someone Else

Flippa is not the only option there are still many other websites for selling and buying blogs. If you want to buy a blog from someone else the steps are almost the same as buying from Flippa but with a minor difference.

Following are the steps to follow while buying a blog from someone else.

Step 01

To check who owned the blog check the WHOIS service.

Screen Shot 2022 09 26 at 9.33.37 PM

Step 02

Browse the sites to determine the price.

Step 03

Check the owner’s details.

Step 04

Send an email message to the owner if you are satisfied with the details.

Step 05

Confirm the deal.

Step 06

Transfer the funds using Escrow.

Selling A Blog Online

The second question that arises is how a person can sell his blog online. Before getting into this let’s go through the reason why bloggers sell their blogs. 

Why Sell A Blog?

There are two simple reasons for this. And those are

Bloggers Think They Can’t Grow Their Blog Anymore:

Usually, people start blogging after getting inspired by the other bloggers who are earning well from their blogs, rather than considering the whole struggle and sacrifices they have made to that stage they just consider the result, and for them only the result matters.

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Such people when they start blogging, after even a month or year they realize that blogging is not easy work to do so they think they can’t grow their blog anymore.

At this stage, they decide to sell their blog.

woman using mobile phone and laptop in car 2022 01 18 23 45 03 utc 1

Bloggers Think They Can’t Handle The Blog Anymore:

Some bloggers get success in a very short interval of time and that is all because of their managing skills and content quality. But as life took them to a stage where they think they can’t manage their blog anymore so they decide to sell their blog.

Now this stage can be anything either the blogger got married or has started a business so he has no time to manage the blog anymore, by selling the blog he will simply pass it to someone who can continue writing and posting content on the site.

Websites From Where You Can Sell Your Blog?

Although there are many websites from which you can sell your blog to a responsible person but the 5 most common and used websites by the bloggers are following:

  • Flippa
  • Blogs for sale
  • Empire Flippers
  • eBay 
  • GoDaddy

Guide To Sell A Blog Online

Here is the step-by-step guide for people selling their blogs for the first time. By following these simple and easy steps you can quickly sell your blog.

When you select a particular website the steps are the same as for buying a website. But some other things to consider and focus on before selling a blog are as follows. 

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is create a seller account on any of the websites you want to sell your account to. 

Step 2

Once you are done with your account enter all your website details including category, age, platform, niche, and amount of content you have on it. 

Step 3

List a price for it. Make sure you consider the markup or service fee these platforms charge when you are selling your blog.

If you have a small blog with less content then they might charge you up to $500-$700 even if your listing is $1000-$1300. 

Step 4

Wait for the right customer. Once you start getting gigs negotiate the price and get the best price for your blog. 

A word of caution:

Beware of scammers because they try to scam you with platform deals and discounts. Never go for it unless you find an authentic and genuine guy. Always ask for advance payments and tokens before you fully hand over the website. 

Hope You Find This Guide Helpful

I hope you find this guide helpful, I would love to hear back from you all the readers who get help from it. Beware of scammers and always think out of the box when making a deal. Share your thoughts on it and help us get it better. 

Tell us what you wanted to hear from me next. I hope I can make a difference in your life by helping you with my expertise. 

Thanks for staying till the end!

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