How to Make Money on Snapchat Spotlight

You need to submit your snap to Snapchat Spotlight which must adhere to the Spotlight Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions to get approved and earn a minimum of $250, up to $1 million!

Sounds exciting, no? To think of earning hundreds of dollars by just making videos appears to be pretty intriguing but despite that, making money on Snapchat Spotlight isn’t as easy as it seems.

You need to put in heaps of effort, creativity and dedication to get that money coming in, which is only possible once you start receiving thousands of views. 

I’m not an avid Snapchat user but I happened to tap on Spotlight once and let me be honest with you, it was a bit addictive.

Since the videos are not more than 60 seconds, I felt tempted to keep scrolling down to watch more and more content. I would watch 2 out of 5 videos and ignore the rest because the content would be rather boring or silly to bear. 

So, like me, if you are keen to know how this goes about and how you can be among the million Snapchat users making money from Spotlight, let’s first learn some tips and tricks to make your videos go viral!

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7 Tips to Increase Views and Make Money on Spotlight:

Follow these tips to increase views and make money through your spotlight snaps;

Tip # 1: Creative Content:

The foremost essential tip to increase your views is to produce creative, unique, and trendy content.

If your content isn’t entertaining or lacks innovation, your video most likely won’t make it to Spotlight or even if it does, you won’t get many views, and shares, or make any money.

Follow a theme like the same topics, sounds, narrative, something that authenticates you.

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Cheerful portrait of happy young adult woman on the bike using mobile phone. Modern online connected female people with smartphone cellular application

So, be creative, and interesting, and make sure the videos are originally yours!

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Tip # 2: Use Hashtags:

You need to use as many relevant hashtags as you possibly can to reach maximum Snapchat users and to make the Snapchat Spotlight algorithm distinguish the kind of video it shows to its users. 

Do not go overboard or put irrelevant hashtags as Snapchat might not accept your video otherwise. 

Some of the most trending hashtags on Spotlight are;

  1. #snapchat
  2. #lifehacks
  3. #couplegoals
  4. #oddlysatisfying
  5. #fails
  6. #spotlight
  7. #snap
  8. #funnyvideos
  9. #relatable
  10. #comedy
  11. #10secondstalent
  12. #weirdfoodcombo

Tip # 3: Use Creative Tools:

Being creative is all that Snapchat Spotlight asks for. Use Snapchat tools and features while making your video such as captions, music from Snapchat Sounds list, GIFs, lenses, filters, Timeline and focus to make your videos stand out amongst the rest!

Tip # 4: Choose the Right Time to Post:

This is one of the most important tips you can undoubtedly follow if you’ve professionally started using social media platforms, whether as a blogger, video creator, Instagrammer, YouTuber, etc.

Posting the right content at the right time and day increases the chances of maximum reach and views.

You can determine the time according to your region; think of the time people mostly are active on Snapchat and then post your snap on Spotlight. 

Tip # 5: Use Snapcode as your Display Picture:

An attractive profile picture always draws eyes and people feel compelled to open your account and view your content but by putting up your snapcode as a profile picture, people can easily find you, add you as a friend, follow up on your story and view your spotlight videos. 

Follow the steps below to save Snapcode to your camera roll:

  1. Tap on your profile icon (small avatar picture) at the top left corner of your Snapchat camera screen. 
  2. Tap on the small yellow square with your avatar at the top of your profile screen.
  3. Tap “Save to Camera Roll” and you can then view your Snapcode your camera roll.

Tip # 6: Share your Profile:

As the saying goes “The more you share, the more you get” , it’s always best to share your profile link or Snapchat handle on your other social media sites to gain more viewers.

You can also do that by following the above-mentioned steps (first two) and then simply tapping on “Share My Profile Link.” 

Tip # 7: Post Snaps Frequently:

For maximum engagement, it’s best to post content on a regular basis. Snapchat works in chronological order, this means when you post your snap on your story, it’ll reach your follower’s profile feed instantly.

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To stay on top of the feed, post your snap on the spotlight video and give a kind of BTS on your story to lure people to watch your Spotlight videos on your feed. 

How to Submit your Snap on Spotlight:

Follow these easy steps and submit your video within minutes!

  1. Open your Snapchat App and choose a tool such as Timeline, Sounds or Focus if you wish to.
  2. Give a long press on the recording circle and swipe left to enable the lock. This way you can record your video without having to go through the hassle of holding the recording button yourself. 
  3. Add captions or effects according to your liking to make your Spotlight video look more creative. 
  4. Tap on the Next button at the bottom of your screen and tap on Spotlight. 
  5. Before sending it to Spotlight, Snapchat gives you an option to #AddTopic. Add all catchy, trending, and related hashtags to increase reach. 
  6. Tap on send at the bottom of your screen. 

7 Spotlight Guidelines To Get Snaps Accepted:

Snapchat Spotlight is an entertainment platform for users to have fun watching and uploading snaps. However, every platform has rules that need to be followed in order to maintain efficiency and smooth working. 

1. Your Snaps should be Vertical:

Snapchat has a vertical layout, therefore, remember to make vertical videos, with an aspect ratio of at least 3:4, and a horizontal resolution of 640px.

2. Suitable for All Types of Audience:

Your snaps should adhere to the Snapchat Community Guidelines. The content should be language and age-appropriate, free from harassment, bullying, threats, abuse, false information, etc. No explicit content shall be tolerated. 

3. Time:

Your video should be a minimum of 5 seconds but no longer than 60 seconds. 

Make sure your content is original and you aren’t impersonating anyone. You can use Sounds only from Snapchats Licensed Music Library. 

5. Only Videos are Accepted on Spotlight:

No images, text-only videos, or blurry, low-resolution videos are accepted by Snapchat Spotlight. 

6. Abstain from Soliciting:

You cannot sell, advertise or solicit any products or services or submit sponsored ads on Spotlight. Also, refrain from using URLs and attachments. 

7. Put Out All the Stops:

Last but not the least, give your best shot! Not everyone receives payouts from Spotlight. Make sure your content is unique, engaging, and entertaining to watch!

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How do you know you’ve made money on Spotlight?

  1. In order to receive payouts from Snapchat, your Spotlight Snap should be following the terms and conditions and shouldn’t be deleted from Spotlight afterward or else you’d be declared ineligible for payouts. 
  2. Snapchatters receive Crystal Awards when a top, high-quality snap is submitted and is trending.
  3. Payment is then determined by Snapchats proprietary formula taking into consideration numerous engagement metrics and some other factors throughout the day. 
  4. Once you earn Crystal Awards, Snapchat will notify you about your allowance. 
  5. You’d have to follow the Crystal payout process to cash out your crystals.

Below we’ve gathered the most trending topics on Spotlight for you to make videos on: 

  1. Life Hacks: 

Share your daily life routine hacks that might surprise others. You could also follow up with the catchy phrase trend “I was today years old..”

  1. Fails:

The film attempts and posts them on Spotlight if they don’t turn out to be as you had hoped for.

  1. Wait for it:

Make snaps with unpredictable endings that would leave your viewers dumbstruck.

  1. Weird food combos:

I absolutely love this trend! Make a video of you showing a weird food combo that you usually have or trying a new one.

  1. Oddly satisfying:

Users are always on board for watching satisfying and calming videos! 

  1. 10 Seconds talent:

What’s that hidden, impressive talent you always show to your friends and family? Spotlight gives you a chance to showcase it to the world but it should be done within 10 seconds of snaps. 

  1. Fitness Hacks:

Share your favorite fitness hack with your followers.

  1. Put a finger down:

This is my second favorite challenge trending on Spotlight. Hold up 5 or 10 fingers, ask embarrassing, funny questions and put a finger down if you’ve ever done it yourself. 


Spotlight is as fun as it sounds. It can be informative, amusing, and definitely time-consuming once you start using Spotlight. Make sure you’re following all Snapchat Community Guidelines, Terms and Conditions, and Spotlight Terms to get your videos accepted by Spotlight. 

Remember your videos need to be innovative and not tacky or boring if you want it to trend on Spotlight. Happy Snapping! 

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