10 Things That Happens When You Reach 5,000 Followers On Instagram

Getting 5000 followers on Instagram is an indication that your account is growing. More followers mean more chances of earning better and unlocking more features on Instagram.

For a good profile, a good number of followers is necessary to make you visible to the Instagram audience. With fewer followers, you will not be able to get what you want in terms of brand recognition and earnings. 

Let’s jump into the things you will experience after reaching 5000 followers. This is certainly a new experience for you, but it will help you understand its benefits of it and how you can be better at it. 

Why More Followers Are Important?

To make your account keep going and to earn good money you need to have a good follower base. There is no certain number of followers that is considered to be enough, the more followers you have more visible you become and the more you earn. 

Without having a good follower base you can’t achieve your goals on Instagram. This concludes that your account has no worth without followers. Followers are the key to success on Instagram.

Average Likes on Instagram Post: Instagram Like Follower Ratio Table

Like Follower Ratio for Instagram Range Instagram FollowersInstagram Engagement Rate:
Followers50% to 75%
3 Followers50% to 75%
6 or 900 Followers50% to 75%
1000 Followers50% to 75%
How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically 2022 (Grow from 0 to 5000 followers FAST!)

How Do Followers Help You To Be An Influencer On Instagram?

The number of followers you have on Instagram can help you to be an influencer because it shows how many people are interested in what you have to say.

If you have a lot of followers, it means that you have a lot of people who are willing to listen to you and take your advice. This can be useful if you want to promote a product or service, or if you want to raise awareness about a cause.

Having a large number of followers can also help you to get more opportunities to work with brands and to be featured in the media.

Brands are always looking for influencers who have a large following because they know that these influencers have the ability to reach a lot of people. If you can show brands that you have a large and engaged following, you will be more likely to get opportunities to work with them.

How Much to Charge for Influencer Brand Deals and Sponsored Content

Here are some ways how follows help you grow your instagram more.

  • More likes you get on your posts.
  • A single follower can bring 3 to 4 more followers to you.
  • As people start visiting your profile, you get more visibility on Instagram.
  • By seeing your follower base brands and advertisers start reaching you for their product promotion. 
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Not only these above but there are still many more things that followers can do to your account.

Is It Necessary To Have 5000 Followers On Instagram?

When it comes to how many followers you need to have to promote your account there exists no limit. Although to be considered for Instagram influencer you have to get at least 1000-5000, these numbers are just the beginning to be noticed. Today competition is very high on Instagram as more and more people are joining the platform. 

But if you have fixed your target to some specific amount then 5000 is a must. Different social media platforms have different followers range to get monetization or get noticed by brands. Like all other platforms, Instagram has its own criteria. Some of the criteria are mentioned below. 

Let’s mention the limits of the most used and famous social media platforms ranges.


You need 1000 subscribers on your Youtube channel with 4000 watch hours to get monetization


You need 5000 followers and almost 300 sponsored posts on Instagram to start your earnings. 


You need 10,000 subscribers on TikTok to start your earnings. 

10 Key Benefits Of Having 5000 Followers On Instagram

5000 followers are just a start range from which a user can take many benefits. These followers will certainly bring more benefits to your account and help you get more promotional contracts and monetization on your profile. 

Here are some of the benefits so let’s jump into them.

1. 5000 Followers Will Increase Your Visibility And Engagement

To understand better how the number of followers can affect your visibility and engagement on Instagram let’s go through an example.

An account having 500 followers will get approximately 50 likes on a single post. While an account having 5000 followers will get 200 to 300 or even more likes on the same post.

And if you start getting more likes on your every post your account will be more visible and suggested to others. In this way, your account is then more visible to others.

The number of likes on any post is directly proportional to the account’s visibility and engagement.

More followers, more visibility, and more engagement.

But Why One Will Increase Their Visibility On Instagram?

Everyone wants to make their account grow faster. The more your account is engaged and visible to others the more it will grow.

 So it will increase your active follower the more visible you are, and your visibility on Instagram will let your account get more chances of earning.

2. 5000 Followers Will Increase Your Earning Slab

If a number of followers are below a thousand one can not earn much money. To earn good money and to have a good earning on every post there should be an account that has at least 5000 followers initially. 

The amount ranges are different for different accounts depending upon the number of followers.

Amount Range For Accounts Having Less Than 5000 Followers:

Statistics have shown that accounts having less than 5000 followers can earn money ranging from $50 to $250. 

Amount Range For Accounts Having 5000 Followers:

While the accounts having followers of 5000 and more can easily earn money ranging from $250 to $450. 

Amount Range For Accounts Having More Than 5000 Followers:

The range for more than 5000 followers is wider. A user with more than 5000 followers range can easily earn $450 to $2500. 

Although it takes a long time for an account to get this stable. But still, this is the most stable and ideal condition of an account.

3. Brands Start Reaching You For Their Promotions

The brands launching different products need to advertise their products through the most engaged and visible accounts on Instagram. For this, they are always in search of such accounts.

Having 5000 followers will attract those brands to reach your account. And this will provide you with a way to earn good money just by posting their products. 

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You don’t need to do anything, just sharing their brand via post or story can make you money. Isn’t this surprising how those brands are ready to pay to small accounts?  Yes, they do this because they know the benefits of promoting their products through these small accounts.

These small accounts can easily help these brands to market their products and increase their sales.  

4. Your Credibility Increased Because Of Your Social Footprint

Whatever job status you are at, whether a book writer or a musician, or an artist, your credibility is checked first through your digital footprint, that is, how many followers you have on your social media platforms, and how many people you can reach.

With more followers on your social media platforms like Instagram you certainly have an impact on your followers. With your motives and your vision, you can attract more people and the effectiveness of your words can be tested by the number of influencers you have. 

5. Gives You An Opportunity To Enter Booming NFT (non-fungible token) Market

NFTs are a trending market nowadays, and people earn a lot by creating such projects. Who knew that doodling and showcasing your skills, and your creativity can get you to earn so easily? 

Instagram influencers are getting into the NFT market by selling their portraits and their art. With more followers on your profile, you can easily market your token. 

More followers mean more interconnected people who take interest in different things on Instagram. It means that a single follower of yours will bring more followers and they refer to others because all of them are connected. 

Say, Linda is selling home-baked cupcakes and she shares her small business on her account. A follower of hers remembers how a friend was looking for something like that and she instantly share it with her. This is how things go far.

7. Open Doors For Big Projects

Once you are in the run, once you start getting an exponential number of followers, you are more likely to be reached out to by large companies. You will be highlighted and identified. This is exactly what a person wants, right? 

So, it is extremely crucial to have people with larger influence, and larger companies know that you exist out there. You will start receiving sponsors and people who like your work and wish to collaborate with you, opening doors to more and more opportunities.

8. Gives You An Enjoyable Experience

Everybody wants to be famous, known, and to be liked. Having more followers helps you get feedback, comments, and activities on your posts that keep you engaged, help you get better by improving your shortcomings, and be even more influential.

You interact more with people and become social. Even your introverted friend can be very social on social media.

9. Benefit Your Brand Image In The Long Run

You wish to advance your career or business and expand it and not just for the time being but a longer period, for say, forever. This is exactly how it will bloom! 

You get followers and then you get more followers and your brand just keeps growing and growing. You reach heights that you never even imagined. 

Always remember that you are running a marathon, not a 100-m sprint, so always focus on sustainability.

10. Helps You In The Four Stages Of Your Sales Funnel

The four stages of the sales funnel are 

  • Awareness
  •  Interest
  •  Decision 
  • Action

You create awareness by reaching out to people, or people reaching out to you, in the form of followers.

 The more people are interested in your brand, the more you are impactful. And then you decide and take action to grow your product and your social accounts. 

How To Earn 5000 Followers On Instagram FAST

There are 2 ways you can earn 5000 Instagram followers: either buy them or earn them organically.

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There are many Instagram bots that can help you get more followers, however, these followers don’t amount to much good as the engagement rate on your profile will be very low.

Additionally, buying followers on Instagram goes against its Terms of Service. This means your account can potentially get permanently banned if flagged for fake followers.

The second, and the better, way is to grow your Instagram account organically.

Here are some tips that could help you achieve 5000 followers on Instagram:

  1. Post high-quality, visually appealing content consistently: High-quality content and attractive posts can significantly improve your chances of growing your Insta following. You can do this by ensuring your posts have good lighting, composition, and editing techniques. Your posts should also have a consistent and regular schedule so your followers know when to expect content from you.
  1. Use relevant, popular hashtags: Hashtags are a very popular and effective way to increase the reach of your posts. You should always use hashtags that are relevant to your post when uploading them. This will increase the chances of the posts showing up in the feeds of people who are not even your followers. Good use of hashtags can help you with higher visibility and more followers.
  2. Engage with your followers and other users: Followers like influencers who talk back with them, which is why you should try to respond to your fans with comments and likes on their posts and mention them in your stories. A good way to be interactive with your followers is to go live on Instagram and hear them out. Also, start commenting on other popular posts to help your profile gain recognition.
  1. Consider collaborating with other influencers: Shoutouts are one of the oldest ways on Instagram to promote your account. To reach newer audiences and gain more exposure for your account, you should approach other Instagram influencers and propose them for shoutouts or collaborative projects.

Be patient and persistent: Your Instagram can not improve organically overnight. You need to be patient and determined to reach Instagram success. Ups and downs are only natural and if your account doesn’t immediately start growing, don’t lose hope. If you persistently post quality content, interact with your followers in a friendly way, appropriately use hashtags, and get some collaborations, you should reach the 5K mark in no time!

How To Make Money On Instagram With 5000 Followers

5000 followers may not be toooo much, but it is definitely a start and can help you make money on Instagram as well.

Having 5K followers provides you with a marketing base that you can leverage to advertise products, whether your own or sponsored.

Here are some ways you can use your 5000 followers to make a living!

  1. Collaborate with brands: If you have an active and engaging follower base, brands will want to use it to market their own product. Try approaching brands and proposing them a sponsored post. With 5000 followers, you could charge around $10 per post.
  2. Become an affiliate: Affiliate marketing refers to promoting listed products on your own platform and earning a commission for every sale made through your marketing of the product. Instagram influencers can earn affiliate commissions through ClickBank and Amazon.

Affiliate marketing is the most popular and profitable venture for Instagram influencers.

  1. Open your own e-commerce business: Got a business idea? Use your follower base to your advantage and invest in an online shop, encouraging your customers to promote and shop from it.
  2. Sell your own old stuff: You don’t necessarily need to sell new products to make a profit. With a big reach on the platform, you can conduct your own Garage Sale live on Instagram and turn up a profit.
  3. Earn more followers: 5K followers is just the start. If you want to earn big bucks, steadily and persistently keep posting, engaging, and collaborating on Instagram and earn more followers that open up even more profitable venues for you!

Bottom Line:

Getting more followers is not just good for your business, but it is also good for your social communications with society, you become a more interactive person and your skills are put into use at the same time too. You just get multiple or rather, countless benefits. 

Keep growing!

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