5 Valid Reasons To Use While Applying For Financial Aid

You can showcase your eligibility in financial aid questionnaires with these 5 rational reasons. It’s important to mention fact-based reasons for why are you applying for financial aid at school, college, university, or any institution applications. 

It’s very common to see students get confused on being asked these questions, and respond with not-so-solid answers which results in a weaker financial aid application.

Being a student you can use these 5 valid reasons in your college application or even in Coursera financial aid program to get accepted into a course.

Here, in this guide, I will let you know all the strong reasons one can use to apply for financial aid at any institution.

5 Valid Reasons To Use While Applying For Financial Aid

Reason 01: Authenticity of Your Eligibility

Share your background, share your current living status, and how you are making both ends meet. If you can prove that you are barely making the ends meet and are a good student striving to learn more, you are the most perfect candidate to get accepted into financial aid.

Build up your case based on facts.

For Example:
I am currently a student at XYZ college in the ABC field. With day and night efforts, I am able to foot the bill for my living expenses but I am very eager to learn the ABC skillset/field.

Remember the least you can do is Apply For it, The worst you have to face is rejection. You still won’t lose anything.

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Most of the parents and students underestimate that they would not be able to qualify for it. Therefore it is better not to draw conclusions and submit an application. You must be underestimating the capability you have to deserve financial help. 

Even if it does not get approved, you will still have experience applying it and tips to learn when applying next time in any phase of your academic career. 

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Adult man is taking an online management course

Reason 2: If There Is More Than One Child In The Family

There are higher chances of financial crisis or aid help when a family is bearing the expenses of more than one child. 

Therefore, if your family has applied for financial aid help and bears more than one child then it will have future benefits if you require any help in the years when your siblings are enrolled in different study programs.

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FAFSA is a unique student aid form present in the U.S that helps students from all over the U.S to apply for financial aid at the beginning of their schooling years. 

66% of the students apply for it each year and over $180 billion worth of aid is provided to students for various reasons. (https://educationdata.org/financial-aid-statistics)

Reason 3: To Be Eligible For Any In Campus Work Programs

Work Study programs let the federal government provide funds to the institution so that they can open on-campus job opportunities to deserving eligible students. 

As per statistics data by Education Data Org, 18% of students enroll themselves in Federal Work-Study programs and can earn up to $1847 per academic year. 

Every student in his academic career has this urge and excitement to earn for themselves and become a self-made person, even in my whole academic life I always wanted to earn by myself and not rely on my parents’ money. 

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Therefore such financial aid programs funded by the state and government are the golden chances in which one can legally study and work together. 

You should be ever ready to apply for financial aid on the basis of work-study programs. 

Reason 4: To Be Ready For Any Crisis

One of the best and smart reasons to apply for Financial Aid is actually to be in the safe zone. 

During the entire tenure of studying, one can experience a financial crisis at any point in time in their life therefore it is better to be covered by financial aid beforehand to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. 

Also, it not only relaxes the burden of the parents of the studying students but wherever you apply for it, it helps lessens the burden that you may face in crisis time. 

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Reason 5: To Pursue Complete Education

The academic journey is based on 16 years or more in many countries worldwide.

There might be instances when you will be in situations in this journey where you might face hindrances in pursuing further education or an abrupt rise in education/tuition fees at your college or university. 

Here financial aid comes to help, and if you have applied for one, your future and education will be secured. The number of college/university dropouts will be minimum and it will help in the economic growth of the country as well. 

Sample Response For Coursera

If you are applying for Coursera Financial Aid, here is a sample answer that you can take inspiration from to answer “Why do you want financial aid” part.

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I am currently a student at ABC college/institute and I am really passionate to learn XYZ field [MENTION FIELD HERE]. In my free time, I watch youtube videos and read popular blogs on XYZ field/skill in order to enhance my knowledge and build a skillset for it. I aim to build my career in it one day. To pursue a career in the XYZ field, This Coursera course can really help me with such a comprehensive syllabus and teaching material.

As I am a student at the moment and the fourth child in my family, I am not able to afford the course on my own.

I don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to learn, just because I am unable to pay the amount. It is a great initiative by Coursera to have a financial aid option, and hence I would like to request a financial waiver for this course.

Bottom Line

We have summarized the worthy reasons that can be considered while applying for financial aid at any institution and in any phase of your life. 

It is undoubtedly said that it is not only there are multiple reasons to pursue financial aid and the need/financial crisis is surely not the only one present. 

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