Is It Bad To Pause Facebook Ads?

Questioning ‘is it bad to pause Facebook ads?’ If yes, know that it’s normal for a marketer to pause Facebook ads when some of them are not doing that good.

A brand that recognizes the power of social media, particularly Facebook rounding 76% of all social media users, uses the platform to generate leads through Facebook ad campaigns

If we reconsider Facebook’s marketing potential, owing to its user base, there’s a good chance that your ads will give you good outcomes. But, of course, it’s totally a ‘luck’ thing if all your ads outpace your competitors. 

So, marketers usually analyze and only keep ads that are doing well in the market and delete the ones that are not. But pausing Facebook ad campaigns is also an option. You can pause Facebook ad campaigns according to your demographic’s timing, budget, and potential performance.

Read through this blog and we’ll tell you steps for pausing Facebook ad campaigns with the budget insights.

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Is it Bad to Pause Facebook Ads? Not Really!

Pausing Facebook ad campaigns is completely fine when you do it for ads that aren’t doing well. You can also try to optimize or improve your ads with Facebook Ad optimization guidelines before you pause them. This will give you another chance to evaluate things and offer a clearer picture of what’s wrong with the current Facebook ad campaign.  

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On the other hand, you can capitalize on well-performing ads resulting in profitability. Once you’ve sorted good and bad ads, you’ll have complete control over how much money you invest in the ads per day. 

How to Pause Facebook Ad Campaigns? Follow These Step

You can try pausing Facebook ad campaigns from the Facebook ad Campaign Action’s drop-down menu at the top of its dashboard. You can stop the campaign or a particular ad till a particular time or permanently. Any ad expenditure is preserved when you suspend a promotion until the campaign restarts. 

Steps for Pausing Facebook Ad Campaigns

  • Sign in to your Facebook account. 
  • At the foot of your webpage, click “Advertising.” 
  • Click on “Manage your existing ads”  
  • Select “Delete” from the drop-down box after clicking the status of the advertising campaign you would want to discontinue. 
  • When you hit “Save,” as for save the changes, Facebook will cancel or pause your Facebook Ad campaign. 

Facebook Ad campaigns Budget

Talking of Facebook ad budget, an average Facebook ad campaign’s budget allocation for a normal scale business is 5–12 percent of its overall revenue. Because a smaller company aims to snowball through brand awareness and Facebook ads, they must spend around/up to 12%.

Some Facebook marketers would prefer not to pause any ads. and have their advertising remain. Alternatively, they adjust the daily monetary allocations to an amount less than what has already been spent, causing the ad units to stop delivering without updating the status to prevent it. 

Lowest Facebook Ads Budget

Suppose you’re a small to medium-sized company or are a newcomer in Facebook advertisements. You have to set aside $1.00-$3.50 per day for your initial initiatives. Starting with a modest weekly budget will let you see which advertisements are most efficient, and you may subsequently tweak your budget if necessary. 

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We tried to cover everything you might need to know before pausing the Facebook ad campaign. Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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