How Long Does Google AdSense Take To Approve

Google AdSense is your one-stop solution for generating earnings from your website. In most cases, this will be a blog that you want to run ads on to create revenue from your website by monetizing your content.

But Google AdSense isn’t the easiest thing to implement on your website. There are some requirements (not really as difficult) that you first need to qualify for which could take you around 3 months for a new website.

Once you’ve done your homework, you send an application to Google AdSense to approve your website and enable ads on it to monetize its content.

In summary, Google AdSense takes around a week to get approved- but in special cases, this could be stretched to 3-4 weeks!

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Google AdSense Approval Process

To calculate how long your Google AdSense approval may take, I think it’s best to first understand what Google’s process is for handling requests.

Each Google AdSense approval request starts with you visiting the AdSense website and signing in to your Google account.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll be redirected to the Sign Up page for Google Adsense. Here you will have to enter your personal and website information.

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Now that you’re signed up for Google AdSense, AdSense will now provide you with a code that you need to integrate on your website to enable it to catch ads from Google AdSense. Simply copy the given code and insert it between the <head> </head> section of your website. You can do this for all your web pages if they’re all optimized and in working condition.

Finally, click Submit.

Now is the time for Google’s review- the AdSense approval waiting period, per se. Google AdSense team will now manually check your application and your website to ensure that it complies with their AdSense approval requirements. This takes under a week for most cases, but could sometime make you wait for over 3-4 weeks.

In any case, Google will respond to your application via email. If, fortunately, you for approved by Google AdSense, your website will now start showing ads that will generate revenue from your blog. As soon as you hit the threshold of $100 from ad revenue, you can check out your revenue to your bank account.

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Google Adsense Approval Requirements – Did You Do Everything Right?

Tired of waiting for your AdSense approval? Let’s make sure you did everything right. In this case, even if you are to be rejected you’ll know what you did wrong, fix it right away, and reapply for AdSense approval to waste no time.

Here are the requirements Google AdSense needs your website to follow before approving it for ad monetization. Practically, all the pointers mentioned below are fairly easy to comply with.

  1. Original, quality, and compliant content: All the content on your website should be originated from you and not be plagiarized by any means. The content should be of a good enough quality to provide value to the reader and not exist just for the sake of it. And lastly, the content should comply with AdSense content policies.
  2. Website ownership: As an applicant, you should directly own the website.
  3. Content language: The content on your website should be of the certain languages that Google AdSense ad serving policies comply with. Check them out here.
  4. Are you 18?: You must be at least 18 years old to participate in AdSense.
  5. Website traffic: While there are no minimum traffic requirements, your website should still have a steady flow of organic traffic to get approved.
  6. Clean web design: Your website’s UI/UX should be neat and easy to use for visitors.
  7. Does your country AdSense?: Your country of origin should be supported by Google AdSense. Check them out here.

Tips On Getting Approved With Google AdSense Seamlessly

To help you get approved from Google AdSense fast, in under a week hopefully, here’s what you should definitely do.

Easy navigation: Your website should have a clean UI for visitors to easily navigate with. Limit the menu bar to 7 pages and include Previous and Next pages for your blog. This will also help Google bots easily crawl your website.

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Light colors: Keep your webpages reader friendly and visually pleasing by using a light theme that portrays a neat and tidy look.

Professional font: Use a professionally used font style and a medium font size that is neither too small nor too large for a reader to view. Also, make sure your font color makes the text on your website apparent enough to easily read.

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Mobile friendly: Most of today’s internet traffic arrives from mobile devices, so your website should definitely be responsive and compatible with mobile devices.

Essential web pages: Your website should have the following pages built properly: Contact Us, About Us, Sitemap, and Terms and Conditions.


Website speed: Keep the loading speed to a maximum of 2-3 seconds. Check your website speed from here.

Use original images: Either create your own images or only use non-copyrighted images on your website.

Index your website: Index your website for Google to recognize it by connecting it with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

SEO Optimization: Your website should have at least 50-100 organic visitors every day.

Use only AdSense: Remove any other ad networks that may be integrated into your website before applying for AdSense.

Will I Hear From Google If My Request Got Rejected?

In any case, Google will always get back to you for your Google AdSense approval request, even if it’s subsequently approved or rejected.

If you haven’t had any bad history with Google AdSense approvals, you should receive a confirmation or rejection in a week or so. If that doesn’t happen, feel free to contact AdSense Support to reach out for a response individually.

Common Reasons Why Google May Reject Your AdSense Approval – AdSense Error Messages

AdSense approval taking too long? Let’s look at some common reasons why Google AdSense rejects some applications. 

In a rejection email, Google sometimes fails to explain what really is wrong with your website. Instead, it will just phrase it up in a line and expect you to make changes to your website in accordance with it. 

To help you understand better what Google wants you to fix in case you receive an unfortunate denial email, here’s an explanation of common reasons for Google AdSense rejection.

Insufficient content/Site has insufficient original content: Your website should have at least 30-40 pages of original content. This content should be unique, valuable, and relevant for your users.

Site does not comply with Google policies: The content on your website should comply with all the AdSense policies. Also, ensure that your website complies with Google Search Essential policies.

Site has difficult navigation: Your UI/UX should be clean and easy to use for visitors.

Site is too new: Try to improve the organic traffic of your website by implementing good use of SEO and adding more content to your website.

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Previously banned from AdSense: If your website or your Google account is on the ban list of Google, you are not eligible to be approved again.

Site is under construction: Develop your website more by using themes, creating essential pages, and adding content.

Got Rejected From AdSense? Here’s What To Do…

Even though the rejection rate for Google AdSense is low, there are still many occasions where a blogger may receive a rejection email for their Google AdSense approval request.

There are 2 things you can do from here: improve your website or use an alternative to Google AdSense.

I would recommend you stick with Google AdSense and try to reapply first. Your rejection email should accompany an error message (explanations for each message mentioned above) for which you can work against and fix your blunders accordingly.

However, if you want to switch to a Google AdSense alternative, here are some popular ad monetization companies you can consider.

  1. Offers ads from Bing and Yahoo. Includes a variety of ad formats including display, native, and video ads.
  2. Propeller Ads: Popular ad network that offers a wide range of formats and a low payment threshold of only $25.
  3. Infolinks: Offers a plethora of ad formats with a minimum payout threshold of $50 and an optional referral program that can help you earn extra bucks.
  4. AdThrive: Offers premium ad placements that require a minimum of 100K monthly pageviews to join, but offer high payouts against the difficult requirements.
  5. Amazon Associates: This is a non-traditional way of monetizing your content. Basically, you can become an Amazon Affiliate and promote various Amazon-listed products on your website for which you can earn a commission for from any sale made through your advertised affiliate links.


In summary, your Google AdSense application should take longer than a week to get approved. However, for special cases, the approval period can go as long as 4 weeks.

In any case, you will either receive an approval or a rejection email from Google AdSense.

To tackle the rejection emails, you can improve your website by complying with AdSense recommendations and policies and reapplying for AdSense monetization.

Alternatively, you can apply on other ad networks for displaying ads on your website.

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