Blogging Vs. Vlogging: Which is the better option? 

A blog is a website that publishes content regarding any topic in written/text format along with related images, videos, gifs, etc. On the contrary, a vlog is video content published on a topic.

There are various differences between Blogging and Vlogging in formats, monetization styles, and content formats.

Now the question is, comparing blogging and vlogging, which one is better for you?

To get to a conclusion on this, You will need to compare the working styles, content formats, and average income in both, before you select a field for yourself.

When I was starting out, I tried both, Blogging and vlogging for a while to better understand which styles suit me better. Well, honestly I found blogging to suit my style and something that I could maintain doing.

In the end, most people want to do it for money but even for the sake of money you should pick the field that matches your personality and working style so that you can make sure you enjoy what you do.

Let’s go through the difference between both together. Here is the table of contents. This blog covers tons of useful information. Bookmark this page or save it, don’t get overwhelmed, go through each part, and you will surely succeed.

What is Blogging?

Do you like writing and hope a wide audience will see your work? Then blogging is perfect for you!

A lot of individuals, however, are still doubtful as to whether or not blogs are relevant in the year 2022. See if this answers your question. Seventy-seven percent of all internet users are blog readers. 

“blogging” refers to regularly producing content—usually articles—on a certain subject for online publication. A blog post is a kind of web content that often provides in-depth coverage of one issue. You have a lot of freedom to write about whatever interests you, whether pop culture, politics, health, travel, food, or sports.

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Blogging’s popularity skyrocketed after 2003 when WordPress was first released. The sequence of the information in a blog follows a certain chronological order, with the most current appearing first and the oldest appearing last.

Hosting Sites for Blogging

A blog is a website or part of a website in general. In addition to text and visuals such as pictures, GIFs, videos, PDFs, and so on, a blog may also be created using these other types of media.

WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Tumblr, and drupal are only a few blogging platforms available for posting content to the blog.

Hosting Sites for Blogging

A blog is a website or part of a website in general. In addition to text and visuals such as pictures, GIFs, videos, PDFs, and so on, a blog may also be created using these other types of media. WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Tumblr, and drupal are only a few blogging platforms available for posting content to the blog.

Blog Categories

Among the many blog formats are:

Personal Blog:

Personal blogs share thoughts, views, experiences, and ideas on different topics.

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Niche blog:

A niche website focuses only on a certain area of interest and draws in a large readership because of that expertise.

Business blogs:

These blogs advertise items and businesses while promoting their branding. Any blog maintained by a commercial entity is also considered a business blog.

Affiliate blogs:

In affiliate blogs, a blogger promotes a product or service without actually owning it. In this method, bloggers also make money by receiving a commission if a client purchases a product via a link in a video.

The upsides of blogging

Blogging has several advantages, such as:

  • It’s a wonderful medium for broadcasting one’s innermost thoughts and beliefs.
  • Connecting with your audience on a more personal level is possible.
  • Beginning requires nothing more than access to a computer and the internet.
  • Your work has the potential to attract a sizable readership.
  • Blogs are less complicated to create than vlogs since they concentrate mostly on text.

What exactly is vlogging?

Vlogging is for you if you like creating and sharing videos online.

The trend of vlogging is growing rapidly. Vlogs have a monthly viewership of over 44% of all internet users. More than eighty-five percent of companies employ videos in their content marketing strategies. 

The term “video blogging,” or “vlogging” for short, refers to a specific kind of blogging in which a video is posted instead of text. The visual nature of these postings makes them more appealing to many people than plain text. In the same way that blogging is a method for expressing one’s ideas and views, so is vlogging, although in this case, it is done via an online video channel.

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Sites That Host Vlogs

There is a wide variety of options for sharing videos online and monetizing your efforts. Vlogging may be done on sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Viddler, Vimeo, and even Facebook!

Vlog Genres

Health & Fitness:

These channels provide health and fitness-related videos that provide health and fitness recommendations.


These videos are created by stylists and designers to advise what to wear and how to look your best.


Students will benefit greatly from this category since the channels are dedicated to academic material. These videos get more views since most viewers watch them several times. It’s a great tool for helping kids work through their issues.


Lifestyle entails the presentation of ordinary life experiences. Ultimately, they tell others about what they’ve learned about a certain way of life based on their personal experience.


YouTube is a huge platform for musicians to showcase their work via dedicated music channels. The most well-known networks are BBC, T-series, Vevo, and Spotify.


These vlogs might cover sporting events, including live matches and Olympic competitions.

Technology/Product Review:

Technology and product review channels provide information on a product, such as its features, functionality, and upkeep, and often provide tutorials on how to use the device in question. What’s Inside, Gadget 360, etc., are some of the most well-known channels for technology and product evaluations.


Gaming stands out visually because gaming channels are much more popular than other channels. Some gamers film themselves while playing a game in real time, giving the spectator the impression that they are participating in the action.

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This category contains prank and comedy videos, stand-up comedy, and comedy shows. They are popular because of their positive emotional and humorous effects on viewers. SaraBeautyCorner has made a name for herself as a popular comedienne in the YouTube community.

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Businesswoman working on a project

These are just a few of the many upsides of vlogging.

There are several advantages to vlogging as well.

  • A terrific method to show off your personality and make a genuine connection with your readers.
  • Vlogs are simple to take in because of their visual nature.
  • Your videos may reach a huge audience.
  • Sponsorships, product placements, and affiliate links are viable monetization methods.

The Distinction Between Blogging and Vlogging

Want to tell the world what you think by typing it down, or would you rather show the world what you think by recording a video and uploading it online? Then you may evaluate the merits of a blog and a vlog to determine which format best suits your needs.

Time Required for Content Creation and Revision

The need for time assurance is one of the primary distinctions between vlogging and blogging. Blogs may be as easy or complicated to maintain as the blogger desires.

You may spend a few minutes writing a short blog post or a few hours creating an in-depth piece. Or, you might hire some freelancers to contribute.

Blog postings are quickly edited, and you may make further adjustments whenever you choose.

Making daily vlog material, in particular, will need more time and effort. It takes more time to plan, film, and edit a video than to write a blog post, and then there’s the investment in promoting the finished product.

Changes in Monetization

While there are some differences between monetizing a blog and a vlog, the method is generally the same. To begin, although many blogs earn money via advertising and affiliate marketing, vlogs rely more on sponsorship and product placement to make ends meet.

The Need for Investment

You need access to a computer and the internet to start a blog. However, some services also allow you to post from a smartphone. However, vlogging requires additional gear like a camera, microphone, and editing software, some of which might be costly.

Account Hosting

There is a wide variety of options for hosting blogs and vlogs. WordPress, Squarespace, and similar sites are common places for bloggers to host their blogs, although many bloggers also use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. YouTube is the most popular platform for vlogs, although Facebook and Instagram also accept vlogs, with somewhat restrictions.

Can You Make Money via Blogging Or Vlogging?

Blogs and vlogs are equally effective ways to make money online. You may do it on the side or as a full-time occupation. It’s not required to have any prior experience or training; you need a passion for your chosen field and determination to share what you’ve learned. Here’s how to turn it into a moneymaker.

Process of Affiliate Marketing

Find relevant items for your niche and promote them via your blog or vlog. You may earn a percentage for each sale made via your affiliate link.


There is a subtle distinction in how blogs and vlogs handle advertising. Advertising is the most lucrative source of revenue for bloggers, and if you have a popular site with a lot of traffic, you can easily negotiate with advertisers. Banner advertisements and video ads are both popular on blogs.

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How do ads help vloggers make money?

Vloggers may make use of AdSense because they rely on YouTube. AdSense is an effective tool for displaying targeted advertisements to your site’s visitors. However, the cost to different advertisers will vary.

Sponsorship & Brand Deals

Bloggers and Vloggers may benefit financially from commercial collaborations and sponsorship by showcasing a certain product or service in their content. Brand deals are a potentially lucrative stream of income, but they will only work if the brands are relevant to your market.

Services or Consulting

There are various ways to make passive income via selling digital or physical goods. Bloggers may use their sites for advertising and selling goods and services. Everything from digital courses to real goods like clothing falls under this category.

Merchandising with the vlogger’s channel name is a common item to sell. Vloggers may increase their revenue and fan engagement by selling goods.

How much more money can be made via blogging than vlogging?

It’s hardly a stretch to say that some bloggers and YouTubers pull six figures annually from their efforts. But it would help if you put in the time, effort, and commitment to see results. The typical YouTuber earns about $52,800 annually, which is a good salary.

According to ZipRecruiter, the median blogger pay is $38,400. Remember that this applies to bloggers who manage their sites and write on behalf of other businesses.

Bloggers can earn $1,000-$10,000 monthly. Consequently, the method by which a blog or vlog is monetized will determine the extent to which it generates revenue. However, both have tremendous earning potential.

Which is better, blogging or vlogging?

Having learned the differences between a blog and a vlog, you may go on with confidence in your decision. Naturally, it relies on your business’s objectives, anticipated growth rate, and initial capital.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to invest in a domain name and host to start a blog or a vlog. Vlogging is the most rapidly expanding media, suggesting that it might be simpler to expand into. On the other hand, a personal blog or website that you create and maintain might become an asset as time goes on.

Consider these factors when you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of starting a blog vs. starting a vlog as your next professional endeavor:

  • How confident am I in being the focus of my vlog?
  • How often should I post to my blog/vlog, and for how long?
  • Which one do I like doing more?
  • What objectives do I have for my business?
  • Is it something I’d want to outsource?

Whether you should start a blog or a vlog, how much time you have to devote to your company, what you’re passionate about, and whether or not you want to outsource your material are all factors to consider while making this choice.


Blogging and vlogging may be a source of income if done well and with commercial intent. The most basic difference between a blog and a vlog is that the former often has written material while the latter includes video.

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