How to Solve Google Adsense Low Value Content Issue

Your website might not be complying with Google Adsense’s guidelines and expectations which might be causing your low value content issue. To solve this problem, we’ll walk you through certain guidelines that you can follow to avoid this setback.

The most popular reason why Google Adsense is not approving your site or recognizing your blogs is that you’re probably posting low-quality content or copying material from other websites which means your content isn’t original, fresh or rich. 

When I was setting up this website, it took me a while to get my content approved by Adsense. I struggled with comprehending why I would receive an email after weeks that “You need to fix some things to use Adsense.” It was a hassle but I got there just right! 

I wasn’t strictly adhering to the rules and that cost me plenty of time. I would keep fixing the same content by playing around with keywords or minimizing lines or words over and over again and hoping Adsense would recognize and match ads to my site until I realized where I was lacking. 

So in this article, I will write down all the reasons, tips, and solutions that I learned and observed to resolve the low value content issue. 

What is Low Quality Content in Adsense?

Low-quality content error is one of the most common errors in Google Adsense and refers to sites that are of little or no value to blog readers. This causes your ad placement incompetent and is rated as low which ultimately results in lower earnings as your content has no commercial value. 

Your site needs to have specific, valuable and apt content that provides a user a purpose to drop by your website and check out your blogs. 

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What Causes Low Quality Content in Adsense?

Out of the many reasons that this issue emerges, there are a few you could be doing while writing your blogs or articles that causes your low quality content issue:

Cause # 1; Copying Content:

If you or your content writer is copying content from other websites, that’s that. This is the first reason why your content is being graded as “Low-Quality Content.” Copying material from other websites is in other ways, also classified as plagiarism which is a violation of ethical codes, a grievous offense, and shows a lackness of ideas and perceptions. 

Cause # 2; A Deficient Level of E-A-T:

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This concept is a part of Google’s Quality Raters Rules and Regulations. It helps determine whether individual pages or a website imparts reliable information on specific topics while providing real value to users. 

If the content on your site doesn’t rank up to a standard, then the Quality Raters at Google declare the content as low quality. The site would ultimately prove unfit for Google Adsense’s approval. 

Cause # 3; Ineffective Keyword Placement:

You’re probably not focusing on the placement of your keywords and this is risking your time and efforts. You need to understand the whole science that goes around keywords; how effective keywords provide an actual representation of what you publish on your site. 

Cause # 4; Inadequacy in Image Optimization:

Image Optimization is an essential tool for improving website SEO ranking, user experience, and increasing page load speed. Lackness of optimization can cause your site to lose its value and rank. 

Cause # 5; Fewer Articles with Less Word Count:

Your site might not be having an adequate number of articles or articles with low word count to be approved by Google Adsense for Ads. 

Cause # 6; Less Traffic:

Having a decent amount of traffic on your site is important; you need at least 100 visitors to your website daily if you want Google Adsense to recognise your page and not give errors. 

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5 Solutions for Low Quality Content Issue in Adsense:

By following the below-mentioned solutions, your website would have Ads appearing on your site in no time!

Solution # 1; Go through Adsense’s Program Policies:

This should be the first thing you need to do before trying out any other solutions. If you aren’t aware of what makes your site ready for Adsense, you wouldn’t be able to achieve what you’re aspiring for. 

Solution # 2; Unique and Value-Adding Content:

Your website needs to produce fresh, distinctive yet valuable content. If you’re writing an article on a topic that already has many articles published, try to be different, and specific, focus on what the reader wants and maintain your originality. 

Solution # 3; Accessible Navigation Bar:

For a good, user-friendly experience, having a clear and accessible navigation bar is indispensable. Your navigation bar should follow these essentials;

  1. Readability: the text should be easy to read.
  2. Functionality: your drop-down lists should be working properly.
  3. Alignment: all the elements should be properly aligned. 

Inserting internal links would help the users to find articles within your site conveniently and external links are used to show that a site is reliable to search engines. Together, these increase search engine rankings and can benefit your website in terms of raising the visibility and credibility of your content. The more Google Adsense detects reliability, the better. 

Solution # 5; Make Sure that your Google Search Console is Working:

Google Search Console is a diagnostic tool that is essential for page maintenance as it monitors your site for server errors, troubleshooting or loading issues, and malware. 

Solution # 6; Delete Articles with Less or Futile Content:

When Google Adsense views your application, it’ll go through your website thoroughly and might reject you on the basis of certain pages having less or futile content.

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Removing such articles which lack in quality and even quantity can increase your chances of getting your Adsense application accepted without receiving Low Quality Content errors!

6 Tips to solve Low Quality Content Issue in Adsense:

Follow these tips in addition, to save yourself from 

Tip # 1; Latest Content:

Make sure your blogs are on up-to-date issues, news, and trends and are offering fresh and relevant content. 

Tip # 2; Focus on your Site’s Layout:

Make changes to your website’s overall theme and impression. Wisely position images and text and add images that are remarkably edited to create a user-friendly and inviting experience for your viewers.

Tip # 3; Increase the Size of your Title:

Ensure that the title of your blogs are highlighted and meaningful as these serve as the first introduction to a viewer of your blog. The title needs to be catchy, and accurate, and intrigues people to read further. 

Tip # 4; Number of Articles:

Make sure before you sign up for Google Adsense, you have more than 20 posts published on your site. 

Tip # 5; Recheck Before Publishing:

Before you publish your article, double-check for any type of error and try to view your article from the eyes of a user. 

Ensure all your internal and external links are working as broken links can adversely impact user experience and reflect unprofessionalism. You can even install broken link scanners to save time. 

Bottom Line: 

Following these tips and solutions may solve your low-quality content issue and you may receive acceptance by Google Adsense. However, you need to first dig into what’s causing this problem and how you can refrain from continuing it in the future. Continue producing high-quality content and keep increasing your earnings through Google Adsense!

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