10 Tips On How To Hire And Work With Content Writers For Your Blog

Hiring content writers to take your workload off and steady your blog progress is good to do if you are pretty busy with some other business staff.

According to some estimates, you have to post at least 16+ times a month to keep readers interested in your blog and keep coming again and again.

I personally maintain a publishing cycle of 100 posts a month on my multi-blog portfolio and for that, I need to maintain a team of remote freelance writers. This blog will help you take advantage of my experience as a blogger.

It seems easy, but it gets frustrating when you have other things to do. So the best thing to do is hire writers who care for your blogs with the quality you desire. 

I always prefer hiring writers rather than frustrating myself and eventually decreasing the quality of my content.

The fresh external writers not only put some burden off your shoulders, but they will also bring new ideas and styles that can boost your traffic reach and attract more readers.

The whole adventure of hiring content writers is a good idea, but finding the right one for your blog is critical and needs your attention. You must do more than just hand over your running blog to anyone and end up ruining it. 

That is why it is essential to know how exactly you hire these writers to maximize their efficiency for your blog.

As I have been in this phase for quite some time and still have a team of content writers who take care of my content, I have an insight sense of this work, and I will share this valuable info with you in this guide and I hope you will find it helpful. 

Before we go directly to the tips to hire a content writer for your blog, it is essential to know why it is necessary and why you prefer this rather than going for guest posts. 

Why Content Writers Instead Of Guest Posts?

Some people think hiring content writers is a waste of money, and instead of hiring content writers, one must go for the quest contributors and guest posts.

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Well, guest contributors or guest posts may seem a good idea, but from the perspective of traffic, it is not.

When you go for guest posts, you have to give credit for the content and some backlinking help which diverts your traffic to the guest’s blog. 

And when you go for the content writer,s you not only sustain your traffic, you eventually develop a brand value for your blog and build trust with your readers. 

10 Tips On How To Hire Freelance Content Writers

Hiring freelance content writers are the best thing you can do for your blogs because freelance writers are flexible with the nature of the contract in terms of project-based hiring and full-time hiring. 

Here are the ten things that you must consider when do when hiring a content writer for your blog:

  1. Take Recommendations From People You Know
  2. Set Realistic Expectations
  3. Use Freelance Platforms
  4. Keep Your Budget Insight
  5. Look For Native For Best Results
  6. Interview Them The Rightway
  7. Seek People With Experience In Your Niche
  8. Search Writers With SEO Expertise
  9. Test Them First
  10. Prefer Passionate People 

1. Take Recommendations From People You Know

It is essential to ask for recommendations from the right people. In the content writing industry, reference is the key to finding the best people.

All you have to do is search for the right to ask for help. If you have any of your friend who is into blogging, ask them for a writer. Discuss your needs with him, and you will find the best one. 

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You can also take recommendations from social media handles because there are several communities of writers where you can find the right person. 

2. Set Realistic Expectations

If you are a first-timer, then this will happen to you. When they search for writers for their blogs, most bloggers set unrealistic expectations of them.

Blog Owners expect writers to act like they used to do when they write themselves, which cannot happen because when an owner was writing, they were doing it for their blog, but the writer is hired for a specific task. 

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So keep this mind that you have to set realistic expectations from the writers about the task. 

3. Use Freelance Platforms

Freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiver are popular places to find a suitable writer for your job.

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You have to search there first. These freelancing platforms have thousands of writers across the globe, and you see their work and reviews from previous projects.

You can also get the security of your money because the platform will mediate between you two. 

Freelancing platforms are the safest place to work because the chances of fraud and poor quality are low compared to any other way you find a writer. 

4. Keep Your Budget Insight

If you are looking for a writer, then you will have a budget in your mind. No matter your budget, you can easily find a good writer in it, but you have to search for the quality that comes with your budget.

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You cannot ask for a premium-quality writer with a below-average budget.

Most bloggers who need writers make this mistake and eventually waste their money or keep investing more in the wrong cause. 

It is recommended that you do a bit of research before you set your budget so that you have an idea of what a good writer demands. 

5. Look For Native For Best Results

Always look for the natives of the language to get the best results. If your blog is in English, search for writers that natively speak English, and the same goes for other languages.

The native speaker knows how to create better stories and structure the content than the non-native.

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Although sometimes, the nonnatives write better than the natives because of their writing skills. 

The preferable thing to do is search for natives, but always put skill before everything. 

6. Interview Them on The Rightway

The interview is the best way to judge a person’s skill. If he knows what he speaks, he is an expert. When you interview a writer, ask them the right question. Question them about the niche, their experiences, and their expertise, and go for technical aspects of SEO and content writing. You will get an idea of how much they know about it. 

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Share your experience and test how they react to it so you will get an idea of their sense of content writing

7. Seek People With Experience In Your Niche

Prefer writers with prior experience in your niche. If you have a gaming niche blog, find a writer who has worked on gaming-related content. It will save you time, and you will get mature content related to your niche.

Writers with experience in your place will bring your ideas better, and they can get comfortable with the content quickly and produce quality content. Beginners of niche take time to learn the basics. 

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8. Search Writers With SEO Expertise

SEO has to be the critical skill any writer must have, and this is exactly what you must search for in your writers. Without SEO expertise, the content you will get needs many changes and upgrades.

A writer with SEO expertise will help you rank better, get more traffic, and enhance your reader’s engagement with the blog. 

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You can easily judge the expertise in the interview so get ready with the right question to test the SEO expertise of your writer. 

9. Test Them First

Testing your writer or asking for sample content is another thing you must do to hire the best writer for your blog.

When you ask for the test article, you will test all their expertise, giving you an idea of how they write and their writing style.

You can request different writers at a time to test blogs, and you can try all of them at once, and whoever writes better gets the job. 

It is common for bloggers to hire content writers for their blogs. 

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10. Prefer Passionate People

Bloggers often end up in a tie with two or three writers with the same skills, expertise, and writing quality. The best way to decide is to go for passionate people. You can easily judge a writer’s passion in their speaking and writing. So if you find a tie, you have to go with the writer who is passionate about writing and can go the extra mile for the tasks. 

Go for the writer who doesn’t take the opportunity as a job or for granted. Hire people who take it as an opportunity to showcase their skills. 


These are some tips I usually give to bloggers who want to hire content writers for their blogs. Besides all the technicals, you must follow your instincts; they will help you decide which is best for you when you have options. 

I hope you will find these tips helpful. Make sure you follow all the other guides and information for your blogs

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