Why does my Snapchat Crash (9 Solutions to Fix Snapchat Crash Issue)

Since recent updates, Many Snapchat users are complaining about facing crash errors in their snap chat application. Reported Errors include: “Unfortunately, Snapchat has stopped working” and “Snapchat keeps stopping”. 

Users of iOS and Android devices have multiple times reported the crashing of Snapchat suddenly and they seem to get confused when they have no solution to fix the issue. 

Many users have reported that the Snapchat on their phone suddenly lags or the screen freezes which makes them wonder why it has happened. However, on the other hand, a few users have stated that the app crashes in between usage and does not open back. 

Few users could not load content on their screen after multiple taps and therefore they end up shutting their application away. 

Why does Snapchat crash?

Here we are going to discuss the root causes of this scenario in which the user gets an odd experience and keeps wondering why their favorite application does not respond as expected. 

List by list is the core reason why Snapchat shuts down immediately. 

1. Clash With Other App’s bugs

There are always other applications on one’s phone as well. Due to this, there are chances of multiple bugs and errors that can intervene in other applications’ performance as well. 

2. Software Update

The user might be using an outdated Snapchat version on his phone due to which the Snapchat features might be lagging behind in performance and not working properly. 

3. Corrupt caches

Corrupt files stored in the phone’s memory are called caches which are stored versions of leftover browsing data. Therefore these can pile up and cause the application to hang. 

4. Using VPN

VPN is used to establish a private connection with the internet where your browser data will be safe and your IP address will be hidden. 

Using VPN to access and use Snapchat might hinder its functionality or the content user is trying to access is not available through a VPN. 

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The text inscription VPN is written on a semitransparent field surrounded by a set of abstract figures

5. Lagging Internet Connection

Slow or unsteady internet connection is one of the common reasons behind the slow-working Snapchat application. 

6. Little or no space for cell phone

Overloaded files and memory in the cell phone can affect the working of the phone’s software and applications. 

Since Snapchat itself is an application that holds a lot of pictures and videos therefore it demands enough space in the RAM as well. 

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7. Using Third-party applications

Snapchat third-party apps are used as an alternative to using Snapchat. However, it may cause more trouble as these are unauthorized apps and the original Snapchat application does not allow the use of third-party applications. 

8. Account hacking

If the Snapchat ID and password are shared knowingly or unknowingly by someone and that person is accessing your account at the same time, chances are that your Snapchat might crash unexpectedly. 

9. The Snapchat server is down

There are instances when the worldwide known application’s server do down unexpectedly and the developers take time to fix it. In such situations, Snapchat crashes until the server is fixed and Snapchat has resumed again. 

It is a mere headache when Snapchat crashes again and again and distracts the user’s attention and interest. 

However, it is a big nightmare for big companies like Snapchat as well because it can be a serious threat to their downfall or declining audience size. 

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Diverse computer hacking shoot

These are the few reasons which are the answer to many people who wonder why their Snapchat shuts down frequently. 

How to fix the Snapchat crashing problem?

Here comes the ultimate guide to preventing Snapchat from crushing the user’s phone. 

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Whether one is using Android or iOS, everyone is looking out for an easy hack through which the bugs can be fixed easily. 

Big companies like Snapchat keep working on their user experience, user interface, and app development every now and then. Therefore, here is a list of ways that can help your experience turn from better to great. 

Now one by one, we will go through each solution and see how it works in our favor for us. 

1. Uninstall unnecessary virus apps

Keeping unnecessary and faulty built apps can be a bigger threat to other authentic and genuine apps as well. The viruses they carry along can be transmitted along to the other apps’ functions as well making their performance questionable. 

One should keep all third-party apps, and unauthentic apps out of their phone space.

2. Update to the latest software

Upgrading to the latest software of your phone not only prevents it from being behind in performance but also commits to an enhanced user experience and qualified features of the phone and speed of the navigation. 

Every year all iOS and Android users are blessed with new software upgrades for their phones and one should never leave an unattended upgrade as it is beneficial for the efficient working of the apps and prevents Snapchat from crashing for real. 

3. Clear Caches of Snapchat and other Apps

Clearing caches is one of the most important daily tasks which can help maintain the performance of the apps. 

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By opening the settings on the phone, and hovering into the storage and data section, one can easily find applications and an option to clear the cache on them. It is as easy as it seems. 

VPN is widely used by many people who are concerned about their data being leaked or visible to others. Therefore they opt for VPNs to secure their browsing data. 

However, when Snapchat crashes, one should disconnect the VPN immediately by opening The VPN App and turning the VPN switch off. 

Now, reinstall or refresh the Snapchat application and it may start working again perfectly. 

5. Get the Internet connection get fixed

Nowadays, it is a headache to actually use a slower and unsteady internet connection. It not only loses focus of the user but also creates a negative experience for the user.

Getting the Internet router fixed or properly working is an easy solution to fix the crashing issues. 

6. Upgrade phone space or make space in the phone

RAM space actually matters in the overall phone performance. If the phone space is completely occupied with files, it can cause screen freezing, and hanging issues on a daily basis. 

To keep phone space clear and healthy, it is advisable to transfer all important old data to a USB or other medium and keep the current phone’s storage empty or less occupied. 

7. Uninstall third-party applications

All the secondary and third-party apps are a threat to the authentic ones.

Visit the settings section of the phone and open the Apps section where all apps are located, delete or uninstall all the useless third-party apps downloaded. 

One can also delete directly from the homepage of the app screen by long pressing the app icon and tapping the cross or selecting the uninstall option. 

8. Secure with a strong password

Passwords are one of the authorized ways to keep your private accounts and applications secured and protected from hacking. 

Hackers are intelligent and smart enough to hack the applications quite fast and it’s a piece of cake for them if there are easy passwords created for them to break. 

The passwords should consist of all lower and upper case letters with symbols and numbers shuffled together so it can be a tough guess for anyone. 

Passwords shall be changed after every 2 to 3 months to prevent the application from being hacked. 

Bonus Tips: Other Shortcuts/ Solutions

While the above solutions are mandatory and hold equal importance, here are some quick easy fixes that can be done in a minute to prevent Snapchat from crashing. 

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1. Turn on the background App Refresh from the settings 

This is one important feature present in the settings of the iPhone from where one can easily turn the background app refresh option and it is automatically applied when needed. 

2. Uninstalling and reinstalling the application

An easy and quick hack is to uninstall the application through the settings or long pressing the app icon. Reinstall it and log in again for a smoother start. 

3. Restart the device 

Powering off the phone can give it a power relax mode through which the phone can have a fresher restart and the apps open from scratch. 

4. Close all running apps

When one is using too many apps at the same time, the phone can experience a delay in responding and storing data from each of them simultaneously. 

The best way to stop all others and make Snapchat start working again is to do a quick App refresh from the home screen. It closes all the running apps from the background and then one can re-open Snapchat again easily. 

The Importance of using Apps:

“There’s a mobile app for almost anything you may want to do, any situation you confront”. 

Jacqueline Leo 

Snapchat is one of the most popular and frequently used fun applications for its users. It comes with a variety of features, filters, fun emojis, etc with which its consumers like to play. 

In today’s tech world, applications are easy to handle and use whenever you want. May it be taking a quick selfie or ordering from a nearby restaurant, everything depends on applications nowadays. 

Therefore, the more the usage the more efficient it has to be. All applications have some hidden bugs that are not exposed immediately. 

To keep the applications running smoothly, one has to learn quick hacks to maintain fine usage.

Recap to avoid Snapchat crashing:

Here’s a quick recap of the errors that we may prevent to avoid the app crashing. Try to keep the app updated to the latest version, clear caches on a daily basis, and avoid using VPNs and third-party apps usage as well. 

I hope the above discussion was worthwhile for the readers as I tried my best to sum up the whys, how’s, do’s, and don’ts of using Snapchat smoothly and avoid crashing experiences. 

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